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    Genestealer Cult

    I was looking through my miniatures today and came upon a bunch of my old Genestealer Cult dudes. It then dawned on me that the reason I'd been making so many stealer heavy lists was because I'd been missing my old stealer cult. So here's the plan, using the new 'nid codex create a reasonable genestealer cult list that wont completely suck. My ideas so far

    Patriarch = Broodlord
    stealers = stealers
    Brood brothers = spinegaunts (about the same stats and most of my models have lasguns)
    Magus = Zoanthrope (I'll have to put him on a big base, but this should work fluff wise)
    Thudd Gun, Mole Mortar, Rapier Laser Destroyer = Biovores (I figure they fire some sort of techno-mine instead of spore mines, but as they are artillery its not too much of a stretch)

    Those were the easy ones that made good sense to me, but as you can see I have an unfortunate lack of synapse for the hordeish army this will undoubtedly be. Genestealer Hybrids are the only troop type left, and as they used to have the option of being psykers, I figure I put two on a large base and call them warriors. Also I have a few hybrids on horses which I think I could call Leaping warriors, they're already the right size

    I also have a Leman russ but I cant think of any way to sneak that into a 'nid list. I'd like to have a shooty fex but nothing in the list is anywhere near that size, except for a sentinal maybe. With the proper alterations to make it look bigger and tougher and some serious gun upgrades I think it could work.

    I cant think of any way to get lictors, rippers, etc. into the list. any suggestions would be helpful, GS Cult used to be able to ally with chaos but I'm not familiar with their models, and it could get confusing, "No those Berzerkers aren't Berzerkers they're Hormagaunts", "Huh?!?", etc.,etc.

    So my main question is this, What does everyone think? Would this list ever win any games? and would you let me use this army in a game? And Do you think It'd be ok to bring to a GW event?

    thanks guys

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    IMO it would be very hard to get that into a GW event. Most of your ideas are good, but some of them can be a real stretch. I would let you use that list against me, but I doubt many others would too. As for the question whether this list could win games I would say yes. Stealers are great at getting the job done.
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    well you definitly could do this, just tell your opponent before hand, and like I do with my gnoblars (I use the skaven armylist to be legal in tournaments) just make ''flags'' on bases witht he unit name on them and it should be just fine.
    Best Regards,

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