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    Pirate Army List

    So, I was driving around today inbetween the different stores I work at and I started pondering the Eldar. I myself am a Dark Eldar player,and have been since the beggining of 3rd Ed. Now what I was pondering is this; There are many different aspects of the eldar (pun not intended) Craftworld, Dark, Harlequin, Exodite, etc... Now what I was considering is the pirate flavor. The ones that fly around in large ships (BFG Style). If one were to build an eldar army based off this theme, what do you think would be fluffy/unfluffy? What I see working is this:

    Storm Guardians - Swords and pistols, makes sense to me
    Vypers and Jetbikes - Fast, raider style
    Wave Serpents - The boats to haul the plunder back in, and the pirates to plunder it.
    War Walkers - gives a bit of the punch they might need in a pinch

    Wraithlord - pirates wouldn't maintian the spirit stones of their craftworld kin (though I may be wrong in this)
    Wraithguard - See above
    Grav Tanks - I just dont see them having a large amount of tanks to choose from

    Up In The Air:
    Aspect warriors - aside from Dire avengers, I don't know where or why any others would fall into place.
    HQ - An Avatar, NO; a Farseer, perhaps; one thing I considered was using the statline and abilities of a Phoenix Lord, but just modelling him as a pirate prince, perhaps Asuraman? Since I play mainly frienly games, this kind of ruling wouldn't be a problem.

    So there you have it in a nutshell. Any further thoughts, suggestions or criticism (constructive, please) would be most appreciated.

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    As the commander of the pirate craftworld, Craftworld Sareld, I fail to see why any units from the codex: eldar or codex: craftworlds should be deemed unfluffy, as a pirate craftworld has as many rescources, if not even more, as any other craftworlds. If you like the fast raider style for your pirates, I have two suggestions:

    A) Play DE. If used right, DE are the strongest army around, and no one can give you the fast raider style you seems to want as the army that actually uses raiders!

    Play a fulffy Saim-hann army. Jetbikes, vypers, and a limit on the number of tanks you can use. That seems like what you want. And Saim-Han is not that bad either, eventhough thay are not exactly the strongest army around...

    EDIT: Oh.. I didmt see that you were actually playing DE already.. that leaves you with opiton B...
    Last edited by Sareld; July 23rd, 2005 at 08:18.

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    nice to see corsair around

    as the commander of the Windgate craftworld pirates...

    anything goes.

    Although I use Biel Tann list

    Dire Avengers= regulars. These 'pirates' are practically the Craftworld's standing army, and come well equipped. Skilled seargents (DA Exarch) lead their combat squads

    Banshees= power swords+ sonic grenades
    Scorpions= powered armor granting +1 str and a 3+ sv, with a built in short ranged weapons system (shuripistol and mandiblaster).

    Wraithlord= Wraithbone battlesuit. halfway to a knight titan

    guardians= combat drones (hence the cheap price, average skill, light armor, and expendability)

    Phoenix Lords= Pirate princes, yeah.

    I prefer using aspects as stand ins than guardians, guardians being too weak for my taste (and I just don't how cheap (price) they are)
    You could have 'new recruits' man the heavy weapons platforms though (the way that Highelves have their new troops start as archers before becoming spearmen)
    Last edited by LostZaku; July 23rd, 2005 at 19:54.

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