heres my army

hive tyrant(1) 2 st, ag +ws, wf, flying,
warrior squad(3) st, devourer
spinegaunt brood (
lysogaunt brood ( ts, ag +I
genestealer brood (

his army space wolves

venerable dreadnought

2 tactical squads

terminator squad

long fang squad

36 by 72 board

game length 8 turns

we rolled and he went first

turns 1-6 he didnt move and shot at my hive tyrant. turns 1-5 i move and my hive tyrant becomes a bullet magnet like no other. i have terrain issues.

turn 6 i assault with my 1 wound left hive tyrant into a squad of 3 termies. my tyrant wipes them out. my hormagaunt squad assaults a tactical squad, 19 outta the 24 attacks hit, and all 8 of his marines fail their save.

his turn 7 his venerable dreadnought flamers my hormie squad, the long fang squad pumps
plasma into my hive tyrant and he goes down in a ball of chitin and flames. he shoots at my remaining spinegaunt and genestealer squad, killing 2 in each brood

my turn 7 my stealers assault the dread and i roll a 6 and he rolls a 6 and the dread explodes. my spinegaunts engage the 4 reminaing marines in the tact squad and slaughter them with 1 left and he gets cut down. the warriors unleash devourer rounds into the long fang squad, and then cc them and cut them down.

i won

i need advice, my armies warriors felt ussless, plz help me