I recently bought the Cityfight book, and wondered how you (the general population of necron players) thought our army would fare. We played 'the gauntlet' mission, my friend playing a vanguard nid force, and using subterranean movement and secret deployment to deepstrike his entire 750 pts onto the table- broodlord, 'stealers, lictors.

i had several opportunities to cheese him: i realised that Wraiths would kick in this situation. i had to get half of my units off the board, at my exit point, from my entry point on the other side of the 3 ft board. it wasd my plan to take 3 units of 1 wraith, 1 lord and however many warriors i could afford.

if i got first turn i would have won: turboboost the wraiths over/through the terrain (in cityfight, they can finish inside the building), then turboboost them off in my second turn before he had even taken any deep strike rolls.

however, amid much pleading, i decided not to.

Then i thought that a c'tan would do well: i was against a cc army, after all, and i could tdo with his ghosting abilities.

again, amid more crying of cheese, i repented.

so i took a balanced force:13 FO's and 20 warriors: destroyers and scarabs would do much the same as wraiths (except without being able to go through the buildings), and i did not have the points for other elites or heavies

i won first turn: that was two trouble-free movements for me. on my opponent's second turn he rolled for reserves: 2,2,2,2,1,2. more free movment!

next turn i got jumped by 2 lictors, and a unit of genestealers came into play. the lictors managed to kill, after WBB, 1 warrior. i shredded them in my attacks back, and mashed the 'stealers in shooting. For this stage of the game, my opponent had had to make 13x5+ armour saves: he made 2 of them.

the broodlord came in next turn with his retinue of genestealers: another turn of shooting saw my opponent's next turn starting with him moving his broodlord: and retinue of 1 remaining genestealer. they were stomped on by sheer weight of troops.

i got off before one unit of genestealers even arrived.

however, next game it was a 'capture the high ground battle: i got trashed due to flesh hooks- turanids are utter cheese in cityfight! the first game i won due to extremely bad dice rolls on the part of my opponent, but this one i got mullered: the cover saves nhullified my shooting, he used the buildings as cover so i couldnt even shooot most of the time, and then, as i was ascending the building, he abseiled 750 pts of genesealers and lictors through the walls at my, and locked up my entire army in a single turn! The tyranids can move just as well in buildings as they can on open field: 3D6 for Difficult terrain, better cover saves for the lictors, flesh hooks making all walls ladders- they are utter cheeese!

plese add your thoughts- any good strategies other than wraiths?