Ok. I thought of a story. it's based on my (Pathfinder sheatfish.)Pathfinder Sheatfish. tell me what you think please. could this really hapen?

Fire Warrior Sheatfish

Aun'O Vridn Va’tis was walking towards an open space near the lab. Two shield drones followed him close by. He had been called for to see the testing of maneuvrability of the new speeders he ordered for.

As he came nearer, a Member of the Earth Caste bowed elegantly as a greeting. He was leader of the experimenting.

Greetings, honoured Aun’Vri, and welcome to our testing area. My name is Nedrad Kisreda, and I am leader of this experiment.?

Thank you.? Aun’Vri said. “When will the testing begin??

As soon as you are ready, Sir? Nedrad walked to a nearby terminal, and suddenly all kinds of rocks appeared.

Let’s start with a basic slalom, Nedrad.? said the Ethearal.

As you wish, Sir?

The Sheatfish came out of a small hangar. It was bearly large enough for one Fire Warrior. The Fire Warrior began the drive. Several diffirent fields where used and all went well. Vridn was just about to stop the testing, feeling great about the results, when suddenly the Sheatfish came rushing towards him, flying at great speed. Nedrad called the Fire Warrior inside to stop the verhicle, but the Sheatfish didn’t stop. With great speed the Sheatfish rushed towards Vridn, and for a moment it looked like it was going to hit the Ethereal. Suddenly one of his Shield Drones rushed forward, crashing on the verhicle and an explosion followed.

Aun’Vri was shocked. The explosion had been close and he was blown away.
The Fire Warrior who drove the Sheatfish was lying on the ground. He could just in time jump of the verhicle. Nedrad ran towards the Fire Warrior and the Ethearal came as well.

You two better have a good explination for this.? said the Ethereal firm.

I don’t know how this could have hapen’t Sir. What went wrong back there??

The Fire Warrior stood up and bowed for the Ethereal before he awnsered.
I’m very sorry Sir. The steering and driving mechanism failed. I could not control nor shut down the Sheatfish.?

You’d better fix this Nedrad. And you’d better do it fast. We need those speeders.? There was no anger in the Ethereal’s voice, but it was clear that he was not pleased.

We’ll do our best sir.? said Nedrad, and he orderded another Earth Caste member to help the Ethereal with a new Shield Drone.