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Thread: Scouting party

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    Scouting party

    Okay, I'm playing a campaign with my friends and my nids are attacking. We are moving throughout a playing field of 20 something 2 ft squares in small battles and then some on bigger fields where several groups of our armies converge. Anyway I need to design a scouting force for my army. The requirements for it are that the party can't be more than 200 pts, it can only include one elites choice and no HQ or heavy support choice. I was thinking of using a lictor and 10 gargoyles. The gargs would allow me to get around the maps really fast and pack a pretty good punch. The lictor would give me the ablility to save my gargoyles potentially destructive cc that could kill them and it could take out tanks or characters for me. What do you guys think?

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    Hmmm your asking a rather dificult question here. I'de personally go with a group of warriors, though i hate you restrictions. You relise that a corny player could really take advantage of this, the Imerial Guard could just get a demo-guy and feild him, blow your scouting party away and make plenty of points in profit. what i mane by that is........20ish point demo-guy kills near to 200 points of nids.... 180 points of profit.

    I'de sujest talking to your freind and discussing yuor rules some more, something like no MC's no thing with armour values no heavy or special weapons...coz with out HQ well i couldn't really want to be a part of that mess.

    Hope i have been clear enough in my thoughs and opinions.
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