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Thread: how many boyz?

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    how many boyz?

    i was wondering how many boyz ppl ussally use in a 1500pt or 1000pt army i only have about 60 in my 1000pt and a lemun russ and a few mior things so just wondering how many you find to be enough to actully reach combat with enough boyz to do some damage.

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    (... spent a while typing a more indepth reply to this, but got disconnected, and have to go soon, sorry.)

    At 1k points, a good base for troops would be two mobs of 20 boys, backed up by a screen of 30 grots. The ideal slugga boy mob has 3 rokkits / big shoots, and a nob with a pclaw. This brings you total army cost to roughly 570 points.

    From there a good idea is to take a combination of the following:

    You could do 20 Ard boys, 1 nob with pclaw, 3 bs/rl, for 310 points.

    3 Killa Kans with Armour Plates for 150 points.

    10 Trukkboys with a nob with a pclaw,1 burna and a tooled up trukk for 170 points.

    3 Warbuggies with twin-linked rokkit launchas for 130 points.

    5 Warbikes for 150 points.

    Looted Basilisk for 125 points.

    Looted Leman Russ for 160 points.

    Looted Leman Russ Demolisher for 180 points.

    Any of mix of the above would suit the core of your army well, although I do recommend sticking to one type for now, at a low point cost (aka stick to either warbuggies/warbikes/trukkboys OR lootedtanks/killakans/ard boys.)

    Hope I could help.

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    My 1500pt is low on boyz but still does pretty well. I play Bloodaxe so I have:

    40 kommandos (4 mobs of 10)
    5 tankbustas
    Warboss, painboss, 8 cyborks in a trukk
    A Dreadnought
    A Leman Russ
    A Hellhound

    So that's 55 ork models and a few vehicles. I think if you were playing vanilla you would need more boyz than this though as your boyz can't infiltrate.

    I seem to get by with only 40 boyz as they are all up in the enemy's face from the start of the game, plus small squad sizes means there are too many target units for many armies to comfortably handle.

    Others will probably not agree with this tactic but I think with orks if you don't have many boyz it's better to have a bunch of little units than one big one. One big unit will draw fire from every enemy unit, but three little ones will probably not be fired at by more than one each.

    Works OK for me anyway, this is definitley the most successful list I've made so far.

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