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    gw store event army plz help

    the people run a 250 pt thing with 30 mintues battle so we can get aroudn 4 battles in

    heres my army is it optimal

    its cheesy but hey this is wh40 land of the eldar and sm

    1 dracon on jetbike with standard stuff im not sure if hes 60 stuff dont have the current dex (lost it)
    i think he was around 60 not sure

    5 warriors in raider

    5 warriors in raider

    hey but my more cheesy army which i dont use any more

    3 vyper jet bikes 1 with starcannon

    tell me if my de thing is good any possible tactical issues

    im not sure ho i beat certain armies like tau as the guy uses a hammerhead and crisi suit and toasts me regularly

    Haruko put that thing down

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    Drop the drachon on the bike, hes too expensive. Him and the bike alone is 70 points, and then he still needs weapons. I wouldnt use the raiders either, you seem to buy them for their guns only, which is a waste of 2x5 warriors. Seriously, warriors is one of the best troop choices in the entire game, so why not go all out on them? What I would use is this:

    10 Warriors (100)
    + 2x Dark Lances

    15 Warriors (150)
    + 2x Splinter Cannon
    + 2x Blasters

    Your little vyper army and your raider army would die against this, and so would anything else.

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