I have made several corrections in AB for DE. Some of you frequent the other forums so you may have seen my fixes there but this for those who have not seen it yet.

Here is a list of corrections I have made and can share with you if you are interested.

* Fixed Sybarite cost
* Fixed Sybarite pistol/rifle/CCW
* Fixed Warp Beasts without taking Elite spot
* Fixed Warp Beast/Master cost
* Fixed amount of DL's/SC's to Raider
* Fixed amount of DL's/SC's to Warrior Squad
* Included Combat Drugs to Wyches main description
* Changed Drug Description for Succ, Syb & HQ
* Included Vehicle Upgrade Descriptions
* Fixed Haywire cost to 4 points
* Fixed Drazhar cost
* Fixed Master Incubi cost
* Fixed the # of attacks for the Succubus, Reaver Succ, and Hellion Succ.
*Fixed the drug description for the Reaver and Hellion squads.
*I will have all the vehical upgrades done really soon.

I noticed some of the vehical upgrades are in the wargear section. I can see in the program they wanted to separate the vehical upgrades, wargrear and arcane stuff into different categories but they seem to have lumped them all together in haste. I think I am going to try and separate them like it is for the Orks.

If you are interested in a modded Datafile for the DE let me know I will email it to you.