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    misunderstanding on ork armoury

    ok, i read the text right under the words "ork armoury" on page 7. and it says, " ork characters may have up to 2 single-handed weapons, or one single-handed weapon and 1 two-handed weapon. you may also pick up to 40 points of extra wargear for each character from the Wargear lists (80 points for an ork warboss and 60 points for a Big Mek or Painboss)
    now does that mean i can give "regular" orks such as slugga boys up to 40 points from the armoury each?? so if i wanted to i could give them all a cybork body, 'eavy armour, iron gob, ect.???

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    Regular ork boyz aren't characters. I hope that that clears it up. =D
    Now, if you're doing a kill team, then things are different...
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