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    Yet another suggested Eldar codex thread.

    I decided to try my hand at 'fixing' some Eldar units with suggestions for the upcoming Eldar codex. I know there's been a million suggested 'what would you put in the new Eldar Codex' threads, but I decided I was justified in making a new post seeing as the level of detail I've inputted in my suggested Codex. Scrolling down, unit by unit, these are the changes I've suggested:

    The Avatar

    Proposed Change:

    BS 0

    Monstrous Creature - The Avatar Follows the normal rules for a monstrous creature.

    Inspire - If within 12" of units in CC, they will automatically pass any LD tests. They also gain +1 to determining who won the combat.

    Fearless - The Avatar is a fearless god.

    Daemon - The Avatar is for all purposes a daemon, and is affected by any rules that specifically affect daemons.

    Wailing Doom - The Avatar carries a fearful weapon of the Eldar Gods of old, meaning that the Avatar never needs to roll more than +4 to wound and on the charge the Avatar gains +D3 attacks.

    God of War - The Avatar counts for double the normal amount of wounds for combat resolution.

    Frightening - Anyone wishing to assault the Avatar must first make a leadership test, and any enemy models in close combat with the Avatar must make a LD test every turn they are in base to base contact or fall back. (Fearless models are not affected by this ability).

    I think thats something pretty tasty for Eldar players, yet not going into the over-powering.

    I'm estimating somewhere in the region of 155pts.


    I think the Farseer needs a Power Boost and some better Psychic Powers. No statline changes here, but I suggest:

    1/ Increase his points cost slightly and give him the Witchblade base (similiar to the Librarian Force Weapon).
    2/ The ability to use 2 Psychic Powers per turn without Spirit Stones (making Eldar have the best Psychic's once again)
    3/ Make Eldrich storm AP6 and 15 points and it becomes a decent weapon.


    Base LD becomes 9.
    Witchblade included in points cost (same as Farseer)
    Points cost now 18 points

    Striking Scorpions

    No Change

    Striking Scorpions

    No Change


    No Stats Change. Points cost reduced to 30pts per model.

    Warp Spiders

    Death Spinners become 18" S6 AP5 Assault 1

    Fire Dragons

    No Stats change, but perhaps a new specialised anti-tank rule, e.g.

    Specialised at destroying vehicles over thousands of years, for their first roll on the damage table per turn, Fire Dragons get a +1 to their result.


    Kill the power conceal, and give them an innate +5 cover save to represent 'Advanced Eldar Armour' (this would mean the Dark Eldar would have to get it too to make sense).

    Give them initiative 5 to match Dark Eldar (but keep the inferior WS skill to represent better DE training).

    Change Shuriken Catapults to 18" range.

    Increase points cost by 1/2 points to cover this.

    Dire Avengers

    No Stats Change.

    Give them the oppurtunity to tank weapon platforms.
    Remove the I1 clause for Exarch Power defend
    Give them the option to take 'Furious Assault' or 'Tank-hunters' to represent their veteran status over Guardians.


    No Stats Change.

    Make the minimum unit size 5 to kill the 20 Disruption Roll Alaitoc Armies.

    Wave Serpent

    No Stats Change.

    Bin Prow Field and give it the option to take the Falcon's Holofield.


    No Stats Change. Decrease points cost to 25pts each.

    Give squad the option of a single Bright Lance.

    Shining Spears

    *knuckles down*

    Decrease Points cost to 35pts each.
    Give squad to take option to take 2 Starcannons at +20pts each.
    Laser Lances become S6
    Entire Unit gets skilled riders.
    New Exarch Powers!

    Swooping Hawks

    Decrease points cost to 19points per model.
    Make Lasblaster S4
    Give Unit option to take Haywire Grenades
    Give Unit 'hit and run'

    Vyper Squadron

    No Change


    No Stats Change
    Make it one per 1000pts.


    No Change

    Dark Reapers

    No Stats Change. Decrease points cost to 35points each (to represent the death of screening). To those who say they should have a 3+ save, I reply that Eldar are supposed to be fragile!

    War Walkers

    Increase base cost +10 points ....but decrease the cost of weapons for it 10points (so reducing the cost by 10 points overall).

    Make the Prow Field add +2 armour to the front value (making it actually do something)

    Fire Prism

    Make Weapon:

    S10AP2 either Heavy 1 or Heavy Blast 2.

    Special Rules:

    When fired as a Heavy 1 concentrated shot, the Fire Prism is so powerful it counts as a Lance Weapon. The sheer power of the weapon also means that when shooting against Skimmers, they count as open-topped vehicles.

    That should even out the Eldar with the Tau Hammerhead, and the extra template would actually make it useful as an infantry killer.

    Increase points cost slightly to match.

    Support Batteries

    Swap points costs for Vibro Cannon and D-Cannon
    Decrease Shadow Weaver cost by 5 points.
    Give Vibro Cannon S6
    Give Shadow Weaver AP5

    Last edited by Addoran; September 4th, 2005 at 12:55.

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    LO Zealot Ostsol's Avatar
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    I still think a point cost increase is more likely for the Wraithlord, but what do I know? *shrugs*
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    So basically everything is getting better?

    Avatar: The frightening power is way too good, most foes would just run away. Also, he already is a MC so he'll count as 10 for combat resolution, not 4.

    Farseer: Sure, but what if you want to use a singing spear? Should it cost 3 points? Also, the Farseer needs a larger range of powers if he wants to cast two each turn.

    Warlocks: He gets a witchblade and +1 Ld for 7 points..?

    Striking Scorpions and Banshees are good as they are, except for War Shout. Also i think the biting blade should be a bit different.

    Wraithguard: Sure, it makes sense. But maybe the Warlock should be compulsory? Why should the Eldar let their dead run around without guidance on the battle field?

    Fire Dragons: Maybe just give them the Tank Hunter skill and remove the melta bombs?

    Guardians: I think everyone should be able to use "Black Guardians", but at the cost of 10 pts/model. If the power conceal is to be imbued in their armour i'd make that 12 points per model. Shuriken Catapults should still be 12" though, people will just have to learn how to use it...

    Dire Avengers: Disagree at all points... give them the same special rule as Ranger Long Rifle to match their skill with their catapults, and give their exarch a new set of powers.

    Rangers: I agree

    Wave Serpent: I agree here too, or somewhat. I think the force field should be changed at least.

    Jetbikes: Lower points cost to 20 and give them 4+ armour save, they aren't marines! Also give their catapults range 18", they are useless as they are now. No damn bright lance IMO.

    Shining Spears: I would love to ditch these guys completely, but otherwise i'd think of them as Rough Riders with more survivability and better stats mounted on bikes. They hit hard on the charge, that's it. Need to be cheaper too...

    Swooping Hawks: Make their weapons equivalent to storm bolters.

    Vyper: Agree

    Wraithlord: Agree again, but maybe always have the 0-1 restriction.

    Falcon: Maybe make the shuriken cannon Heavy 4...

    Dark Reapers: 3+ save; they have damn heavy armour and should have fortitude to make up for their lack of mobility.

    War Walkers: Lower points cost

    Fire Prism: Prism Cannon should have two different fire modes, one focused beam and one spread beam. It should be more like the tau hammerhead, but only str9 ap1 on the focused beam. Str 6 Ap 4 and large blast on the spread beam. Points cost: 180

    Support batteries: I agree, but i don't think that the Vibro Cannon should have to roll to hit...
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    The avatar should have a 4+ inv. save to bring him into line with the other Greater Daemons.

    Bringing back his immunity to plasma and melta weapons would be quite handy, too .

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    One thing I would like to see concerns the Wailing Doom. I remember reading that the Wailing Doom takes one of three forms, the Sword, the Spear, and the Tri-bladed Axe. I think the option should exist which option to take for the Avatar.

    To wit. when has the Spear-form, he could throw it, probably with a rule such as it will hit as many guys as are in a straight line from the Avatar.

    The Sword would be the normal weapon he has now.

    The Tri-bladed Axe could attack only once, but it would lay down the small template.

    That sort of thing would be neat, I think.

    Also, seeing as the Dire Avengers are the masters of the Shuriken Catapult, they should not take other weapons, but they should know exactly where to shoot to find the weak point in their enemies' armor. Say, if they roll a '6' to wound, their shot is AP1, or if they roll a '6' to hit, their shot has double strength, something to that effect.
    Last edited by Quick; September 4th, 2005 at 19:25.

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    LO Zealot Addoran's Avatar
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    107 (x5)

    On the Avatar:

    Perhaps I should tone down frightening, or at least increase his points cost. However I really don't have a problem with the God of War rule, it only uses an existing Tyranid rule 'Thornback' for his basis. Let's be honest though, making SMs take a few LD tests on LD8/10 (depending on prescence of commander) is hardly cheese.

    Warlocks: I think the new points cost is correct, I've always believed they were overcosted in the previous codex. 26 points for a Warlock with a witchblade? I decreased them a lot, but they are still move expensive that a Space Marine (and not as tough or as good a save). The inbuilt witch blade was to stop Warlock 'meatshields'.

    Dire Avengers: Right..........I know I was going to get a lot of teplies sayings 'give Dire Avengers Rending', but there is currently only one ranged weapon in the game with Rending and loads or people are complaining it's overpowered (please read the 'Why not Assault Cannon?' thread in the Chaos Forum if you disagree). And entire unit of them then would clearly be.....unpopular with other army players, even with only a 12" range.

    On the Dark Reapers: I really don't think that they should have a 3+ save, Scorpions are the only ones with a +3 save, and are supposed to be fairly unique in the Eldar army in that they wear the equivalent of powered armour. We are supposed to be a fragile but powerful army, wishing another of our units has a marine class save is just present hunting.

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