Hey all,

I have been looking thorugh our forum and seen alot of repeat questions pertaining to our beloved greenskins, so as a service to help our all those wishing to know more about how the tide of orkdom will overcome the galaxy I am voluntering to compile our combined knowledge into a single volume.

With that in mind I need help from all "da boyz." I need you guys to help me make sure I am looking for all the right things.

I'm going to compile an outline and then start searching the forum(s) to fill inthe details.

Here's what I have right off the top of my head.

How to equip:
Big Mek

How/what to field:
Fast Attack
Heavy Support

Heavy Weapons: do's and don'ts

Address different playing styles. Will need help with these cause I prefer a "swamp 'em" type play style and I know there is more than that. :rolleyes:

Also intending to Hit on any FAQ's that I see regularly (ie "can orks be shooty?" ) and similar.

thx in advance guys