Hi. I'm entering a 1750 tourny list soon and would like peoples opinions. (I've never fielded this many necrons before, so I'm sorry if the list looks a little lame).

Lord + Destroyer Body + Warsycth + Gaze of Flame + Phalactory (170)
Lord + Res Orb (140)

14 Warriors (252)
14 Warriors (252)
14 Warriors (252)

Fast Attack
4 Destroyers (200)
7 Scarab swarms + DF (112)

Heavy Support
2 Heavy Destroyers (130)
Monolith (235)

Total 1743

The general plan was going to be a dark phalanx with the warriors and RO lord in the middle with covering fire from the Heavy D's. The monolith was going to DS into the enemy deployment zone and was meant to freak them out. Especially if i drop it next to a squad of troops or a tank and use the particle whip to destroy it. The Destroyer lord was going to flank and go tank hunting or hit soft infanty without power weapons and who are St3. Also the destroyers were going to flank and kill infantry or light tanks.

So, any thoughts?