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Thread: Wraithguard

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    Firstly, please forgive my rule ignorance. Should I choose to collect eldar, I will buy a codex before anything else, but for now, I'm working mostly on what I've read in other people's codices, and what I've picked up generally. So please forgive me if I make any mistakes, it's not because I want to shirk buying a codex.

    I really like the wraithguard models.. and naturally I want to know if it's going to be feasable to include a squad in any forthcoming eldar army. However, I'm really not sure how they would integrate into any strategy. The army I am planning will probably be vanilla (no specific craftworld) with a bulk of guardian core troops and a falcon. I would also like to include some warp spiders, because the look and playing style is really cool.

    So how would I fit wraithguard into this strategy? The problem I can see is that they're slow, have short range weapons, and, while tough, are cost effective to shoot at with lascannons and other big guns, making them vulnerable. Is it worth sticking them in a wave serpent, or is there some other way around their inherent limitations?

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    Buying them a wave serpent is definitely a good idea. Wraithguard make for a reasonably good tank/monstrous creature hunting unit - against anything else they are wasted with so few shots.

    People will suggest fire dragons over wraithguard, but I see wraithguard as more flexible. They're good against all vehicles at any point in 12" not just 6", aren't likely to blow themselves up by the same token, good against all monstrous creatures (instant death can be an occasional laugh) like our own wraithlord, and are probably one of the best anti-monolith weapons out there (OK, a bit niche I know, but it's better than a bright lance or fusion gun!).

    The problem with both units is that they both tend to end up stranded after killing a tank. In the return fire that comes their way, you have to decide between 10 (roughly) T3 4+ save fire dragons or 5(+warlock) T5 3+ save wraithguard (who could have conceal).

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