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    Tomb Spyders in different table quarters

    In the Necron codex it says that a single HS choice can consist of up to 3 Tomb Spyders. It also says that each Spyder acts as a individual unit and doesn't need to stay in unit coherency. Does that mean that if I had a squad of 3 Spyders I can hold 3 table quarters? The codex doesn't say they can't not hold objectives and it also says that they can act separate from eachother. So, what's the deal?

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    That's a good question. I know that the Biovore used to be like that (0-1/up to 3 vores for that slot), but their codex entry specifically said that they couldn't hold table quarters.

    As far as the Spyder goes, unless their codex entry states otherwise, I'd say treat them as normal MCs for purposes of holding quarters/loot counters/what have you. So yes, they could hold 3 table quarters.
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