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Thread: starting eldar

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    starting eldar

    ok i only have the codex

    I am either playing regular eldar or Ulthwe

    oh I also have a avatar and Maugan-Ra The Harvester of Souls

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    I wouldn't use Maugan Ra though... he is the worst Lord IMO

    I think Viktor uses him in his Ulthwe force though, maybe he can help u out since he has the same type army u wanna run.

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    Yeah, Viktor is the ulthwe specialit and he realy knows what he's talking about but if your playing ulthwe you need a seer council, (don't worry, thats a good thing) then the avatar is your best bet for another HQ, he's cheaper than Maugan Ra and better. Maugan Ra is the worst phoenix lord as discussed in the poll thread about phoenix lords.

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    Good thing that I've almost finished with the newbie guide, I can copy this from the Ulthwé section:

    Ulthwé – By Viktor

    • Easy to make balanced army lists.
    • Most of the models are plastic.
    • Easy to paint if you use the original Ulthwé scheme.
    • Tough HQ unit to support your army.
    • Better Guardians than other Eldar armies.
    • Very mobile.
    • Easily out-shoots most armies.
    • Can be devastating vs. Marines.

    • Very expensive HQ unit.
    • Weak against armies with anti-psyker equipment.
    • A restriction of Aspect Warriors.
    • Requires a skilful hand when being played.
    • Very common army, people know how to counter it.
    • Weak against Tau.

    Army summary:
    The typical Ulthwé army has a base of a Seer Council and two Black Guardian Defender squads, since all Guardian squads taken as compulsory troop choices have better Ballistic skill or Weapon skill, depending on whether they are Defender or Storm Guardians. Since the Force Organisation chart requires a minimum of two troop choices, Ulthwé players use their advantage and take at least two Guardian squads. More on that further down.
    Ulthwé armies are generally defined by mobile firepower, heavy weapons that can be fired on the move in the form of Heavy weapon platforms in Guardian Defender squads, Falcon tanks, Vypers or War Walkers (as well as some other choices). You shoot while on the move to get better targets into line of sight and to avoid being caught in close combat.

    Getting started:
    The Eldar Battle Force is a perfect start for an Ulthwé army; you will also need a Seer Council box, 2 extra warlocks and 2 heavy weapon platforms (the small ones) for your basic army. In the heavy weapon platform blisters you get three weapons: Bright lance, Star cannon and Scatter laser. You will find that in most cases the latter will not be as useful as the two first weapons. You should take the two Star cannons you get and put one on your Vyper and the other one to replace the Scatter laser on your Falcon, some conversion is needed but they are way more effective with these weapons. The platforms themselves are best of with the Bright lances, but you don’t have to glue them on because they are pretty easy to make interchangeable with some blu-tac, magnets or simply just putting them there without anything to attach them with. This way you are arming them according to the principle of Ballistic skill vs. amount of shots; low ballistic skill = several shots, high ballistic skill = one shot weapons.

    Good squads for Ulthwé armies:

    HQ: You will always need a Seer Council as HQ, and you will have a variety of choices on how to equip them. I have found that the best way to make a Seer Council worth its points is to give only the Farseers Witchblades and pistols, and let the Warlocks do with close combat weapons and pistols. You will save a lot of points this way, Warlocks are mainly meat shields with fancy powers. When it comes to Farseer powers, you always need one Farseer to cast Fortune on your Seer council each turn to keep them alive. The other Farseer (or Farseers, if you have more than 2) should have either Guide or Mind War, maybe both if you need variety but that is only recommended in bigger armies when you have more points to toy around with. Eldritch storm is out of question.
    Warlock powers should be ones to complement the council; Embolden, Enhance and Augment are the most important ones, but don’t take more than one of each except for Augment, of which you should take at least one but two or more are better depending on the size of your Seer Council. Destructor can be used in bigger games against certain opponents, but should only be used if the council has some kind of transport. Conceal will do you no good at all since you already have invulnerable saves.
    An Avatar is a good addition to an Ulthwé army, not only does he provide you with an edge in close combat but he will also make your units within 12? fearless in close combat. This is great, since it can buy you time to move your other units out of consolidation range of the enemy and move the Seer council + Avatar there to take care of them. The Avatar should ideally join the Seer Council, this way he can benefit from their Fortune and won’t go down as easy as he would have had on his own. The only con is that they can’t fleet of foot with the Avatar there, but remember that you can leave the unit in any of your movement phases to allow your council to continue onward without the Avatar when haste is more important than power.

    Elite: When choosing units, always take into account how they will act together with the rest of the army. This is especially important when choosing Aspect warriors, since they are all very specialized, all except one. Warp Spiders are the ideal Aspect warriors for an Ulthwé army, they are fast and not close combat oriented. They are perfect for moving around the flanks of your army and protecting it from enemy squads avoiding your main lines of fire, and they are even capable of taking down most transport vehicles thanks to their high strength weaponry and then jump back into safety. I warmly recommend Warp Spiders to any Ulthwé player out there; they are good against almost every foe.
    Most of the other Elite choices don’t complement the rest of your army as good as Warp Spiders; Scorpions and Banshees need to be in close combat where you can’t shoot the enemy and Wraithguard have really short range on their weapons, so the enemy will be upon them before they get a chance to fire at some high quality target. The only other elite choice I would consider is a squad of 10 Fire Dragons in a Wave Serpent; it can act as a mobile defence unit in the same way as the Warp Spiders but is good against marines instead. The downside is that this squad costs more points, and the fact that they will be all but stranded if their transport is shot down.

    Troops: In most scenarios you will need a minimum of two troop choices, and when playing Ulthwé you will be happier than ever because of that limit. Any Guardian squad taken as a compulsory choice will be a Black Guardian squad, more proficient in the skills of the chosen weaponry and armament. I always recommend you to take at least two Guardian squads, since it is a part of what defines the army and also the best troop choice out there for a mobile firepower army. Configure them for their purpose, if you want a resilient base for a heavy weapon that can move around the battlefield and claim objectives while taking out enemies you should have one of these squads:
    9 Black Guardians
    2 Black Guardian crewmen + Weapon platform
    Warlock with close combat weapon, pistol and Conceal
    I don’t recommend taking the increasingly popular 6-man + heavy weapon team squads, there are better ways to get the same firepower and still being able to move around, Vypers or War Walkers for example. Troops should be troops.
    Another viable way to use Guardians is to get a bigger squad without a heavy weapon, this way you can move around the battlefield much faster because you can fleet of foot and kill enemies at close range through massive shuriken catapult fire:
    15 Black Guardians
    Warlock with close combat weapon, pistol and Conceal
    This squad is more flexible, and excels at killing light infantry at close quarters. You should pick a squad that fits the rest of your army and your playing style, consider what elements you need to include and which areas you lack in.
    Rangers are another troop choice to be considered, they are good for infiltrating close to objectives and directly into nearby table quarters to extend your reach in the beginning of the game. Always put them in cover, ruins are by far best making them very hard to kill. Don’t take more than one squad though; you usually need the points somewhere else. If the mission doesn’t allow infiltration or requires you to get anywhere special their talents are somewhat wasted, and not as good a choice.
    Dire Avengers are not a good addition in this army, since it usually relies on moving long range firepower; they also take up a more or less precious Aspect warrior slot and can shoot as good as a Black Guardian.
    Storm guardians are good, but not in a shooty army since they don’t complement the rest of your force. They should be reserved for an eventual Ulthwé Strike Force which I will write about further down in this guide.

    Fast Attack: The only fast attack choice really worth taking in an Ulthwé army is Vyper squadrons. Keep their squad numbers as low as possible, this should not be a problem since you will probably not include more than three Vypers anyway. Always arm them with multi-shot weapons, and stay away from upgrades to keep them expendable. Here are two good configurations:
    Vyper with Shuriken cannon and Shuriken cannon upgrade 70 pts
    Vyper with Star cannon and Twin-linked Shuriken catapult 65 pts
    Both can serve you well in taking down light vehicles, the first also excels at taking down light infantry whereas the second one can take down heavy infantry. Their speed also allows you to capture distant objectives and get into good positions for firing at side or rear armour. Always make sure to move it over 6? every turn, this is true for all Eldar skimmers.

    Heavy Support: This will probably become your favourite section; this is where most of the heavy weapons are. I will recommend units that are easy to use and that are rather forgiving for newbies in the first place, and note those worth taking further on.
    A Falcon is a great addition to any Ulthwé army; it is fast and tough while still packing good firepower. Replace its Scatter laser with a Star cannon, and give it the “Holo-field? and “Spirit stones? upgrades to keep it alive. Falcons are good targets to cast “Guide? on by the way, since they sport many weapons with many shots and thus you may re-roll more dice, if you upgrade it with a Shuriken cannon even more so. Always make sure you move it over 6? every turn, otherwise it will be much easier to destroy.
    Always stay away from Fire Prisms; you are basically buying a very expensive flying lascannon. Because it has BS 3 and a one-shot weapon it will hit on average 3 times per game, if you shoot every turn which is rather unlikely. Then the shot will do futile damage, and you will find that you have spent time and money on a worthless model, do not buy one.
    Wraithlords are good units for beginners; they are worthy platforms for your Bright lances and pretty durable. A good way to use them is to protect your Guardians from being caught in close combat; few opponents can withstand the counter-charge of a Wraithlord. It is also a good fear factor unit that keeps the enemy away from you until it is dead.
    Support weapon batteries are good, that being said, the only one really worth taking is the Distort cannon. Distort cannons have short range, but they do not require line of sight to shoot. In addition to this, it has a terrifying strength and AP capable of killing or wounding anything in the game; it is even a blast weapon. D-cannons generally require some thought and skill to use, take a look at the Eldar Tactica thread to learn how to use them best.
    War Walkers are nothing for new players, but when you learn how to use them they are extremely lethal and a squad of 3 can kill entire marine squads in one round of shooting. They are ideal targets to Guide since they can sport the most star cannons possible for any Eldar unit. If you want to use them at a later point, use them only in large battles (1500+ pts) and read through the part about War Walkers in the Eldar Tactica thread.
    Dark reapers are a unit to be considered, but only in larger battles against certain opponents; ideally against armies that use a lot of heavy infantry but do not have the power to shoot back. This is because the Dark Reapers are extremely expensive, they can dish out a lot of firepower but they can take hardly any without dying. They must be placed in cover to stand a chance of surviving, and should remain there for the duration of the game so make sure they have a good line of sight covering most parts of the battlefield where your enemy will move his infantry. I generally don’t recommend them because of their lack of mobility and the aforementioned fragility.

    Was that helpful enough? :rolleyes:
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    what are the rest of us supposed to say now?:tongue:

    No seriously though, nice post, can't wait to see the finished guide
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