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    Newb eldar player...

    Hello im new to this forum and i like to say a good hello to everyone also im starting a new army after my tzeentch army and i like to ask for a few tips.

    I know you have to be a good player to play eldar and they have some useless units but i think i could do some good.

    This is what i think my army should go like:

    1 seer councill

    45 eldar warriors 3 warlocks and some grav platforms

    3 wraithlords

    10 warp spiders

    I think thats what 1500 points go like but i dont have the eldar codex so i wouldnt know:tongue:

    So could you give me some tips, good list entrys and thanks to you all!!!

    i might change some gaurdians for dire avengers and swap wraithlords for something

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    The first thing I would suggest is getting both codexes. Most important would be the Craftworld Eldar. That way you can choose which army before you start down any paths for a purchase. That is assuming you dont want vanilla (regular) Eldar.

    The best thing about Eldar is the versatility and all the options you have to use vs. all the different armies. So my advice to you is to get all the reading done before you buy. I bought a whole Iyanden army before I realized I wanted nothing to do with them.

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