I just won a 1500 point tournie with the Necrons.

I had two lords, and 10 Immortals, 31 Warriors and 10 Swarms.

I got lucky with who I played and first got Tau, which I got in close and killed with only losing 10 models. The game only took an hour. Swarms with D-lord and then VoDed my Immortals within shooting range, he never stood a chance.

My second game was harded. It was against Grey Knights/Sisters of Battle. That was a back and forth battle that I won with overpowering Guass Flayer shooting.

My MVP was my Destroyer Lord, he did everything he was expected to and more (second battle he ties up 4 Sisters Squads for 3 turns).

This was a fast mobil Necron list without Destroyers and it worked well.