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Thread: My first orks

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    My first orks

    I'm starting orks and i was just wondering what you thought so far. I am going to list all the models i have. 60 sluggas, 16 are still in the mail. A rokkit buggy. I converted burnaboy, 2 more coming, and fullsized trukk that can actually fit 10, with big shoota, a looted bassie, 1 killa kan, warboss with cybork body, heavy armor bionic bonce, PK, choppa and iron gob(He will eventually be inna trukk wit 8 cyborks and a painboss, a wartrak, still in the mail, nobz boxed set also in the mail, andpossible 3 blisters of heavy weopons. I have painted 2 models so far and i think there pretty good. Ill post some pics later. I may turn that box of boys into 8 cyborks and 8 not cyborks

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    I think you need another Killa Kan. One is not enough. A couple of Kanz, your Rokkit Buggy, and a couple of mobs of slugga boyz, and a nob--that gets you a good 400 pt Flash list (Combat patrol rules at 400pts). That should be managable to paint within a reasonable time so you can get playing. After a few games you'll have a better idea of what you'd like to add.

    You've already spent quite a bit of money so far! Want to make the best of your hard won booty, so don't buy until you KNOW what you want--use proxy models to playtest your armylist ideas first, then if you like it, you can spend the $$$.

    That's a veteran's advice, anyway.
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