ok, im going to a campaing on saterday and i was trying to decide wether i should choose tyranids, or BT...i have about 2245 pts of nids but only problem is,
the rules are u start with 400 pts,
no more than 2 wounds,
no ordnance,
and heavy support must be earned through battles, as with the rest of the limits...
i hav 3 warriors
22 stealers,
19 cc gaunts
8 rippers,
2 carni,
2 ht,
3 ravoners,
and 3 biovores.
my BT army is much smaller...
i have 1 chaplain w/ power weapon and power fist
10 marines w/ cc and bp
5x2 marines w/ bolters
and a rhino.
if you have any suggestions, please post them thank you!