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    Imback, with orks!

    Alright everyone, been a helluva long time since I touched a model... I sort of fell off the earth because I had no time with sports year round and that stuff... plus i dont really like all the kids around here that play WH and my friends gave me crap for it but screw them. Im back and I got an Ork army. I just need a little advice.

    Im looking for just a well rounded army and I feel im off to a good start

    2 sqds of slugga boyz
    2 sqds of storm boys
    1 wartrukk
    1 looted bassi

    Thats what I got right now and its all in various stagesof completion.
    But I had a few questions to ask about the army...
    1) nothing has really changed to much with the new rule book out that I need to reconsider army structure has there ( i dont know the new rules yet, just got back )
    2 ) hows the army list looking for starts?
    3) burnna boys good or bad?
    4) wartrukks vs bikes for a good fast attack

    Because in my army im looking to have a quick assualt hit with some firepower behind it
    ( storm boys strike with buggies/bikes to cover ) while the bassi rains shells down. While they are occupied with the fast troops it gives the rest of my army to move in and just slaughter them.

    Thanks for anyhelp I cna get

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    1.) nothing all that much has changed. still the same 'ol Waaagh!

    2.) looks fairly well round, a little generic if i may, but solid.

    3.) burnas gooooooood, especially because you can use 'em in cc as power weapons.

    4.) this really depends, and i assume you mean warbuggies/trakks vs bikes. i've found that while bikes can pack an insane amount of damage into a charge, they tend to do poorly in the succesive rounds of combat. with their low saves and their relatively high cost, if you do take some warbikes, by all means do not simply charge in for the massive charge as it would be an extreme waste. they may however prove to be quite useful to the tactic you have in mind, wherein they arive after your initial assault. Tuck them away in a corner during deployment, get a few shoots from their big shootas, and surprise your opponent with a followup assault. You could strip their big shootas off of them and increase their cost effectiveness for the charge, although i dont see this as much of use to your army as all you would be able to do with them then is charge right off the bat.

    Comparatively, warbuggies'n'trakks can be shot down fairly easily but over all i'd say they're more cost effective in a speed phreaks army list, as they count as troops meaning you dont need to have squads of them which is always a hassle.

    So, I'd go with bikes.
    Last edited by Bos'n; December 13th, 2005 at 08:42.
    Where's the trukk?

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