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    Carnifex Modelling Question

    Hey guys,
    I just got my new Carnifex and am getting ready to put him together, but first I have an asthetic pleasure question. First however, I will start with some personal army infromation.

    The list I have played most recently and will probably continue using has two big shooty (~200pt) Fex's and one small close combat fex (114)[which might change to devourer fexes; I just have to try them out]. I currently have two Carnifex Models, one is Old One Eye, His torso is painted and put together, without weaponry; and The new Carnifex which I just got yestarday.

    My Question is which Model looks better for which role--I think the New fex is more intimadating and would make a better CC fex, while Old One Eye looks like he is upright and shooting. However I would like your opinions, so what do you think; and what should I do...(links to pictures is a bonus, but not required.)

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    Well, I would use OOE As the elite 'fex personally.
    Solely because he is smaller than the new other 'fex. And I see the elite fex's being slightly smaller and runtier than their heavy support cousins.

    For some modelling tips for future carnifex's - check this out.
    Linky (Carnifex combos)

    It does link to page 3, and I'm sure the other pages have some cool suggestions for modelling a 'fex, but I'm tired and can't be bothered to read through the whole topic.
    Hope it helps though.
    (Look at the turning the 'fex upside down suggestion by kroxigaunt, that could help to make an upright shooty fex. I tried it on a screamer-killer variant and it looked pretty sweet)
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