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Thread: Raider vs WWP?

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    Raider vs WWP?

    I'm somewhat new to 40k and I've played a few games as DE using 4-5 raiders, 2 ravangers, and 4 squads on foot. I usually play 1500 against necrons and guard. I read somewhere that the leap into 4th edition has lead to a lot of WWP usage. I've heard of people running 2 in an army, but how useful do you fing this and how do you field yours?

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    usually with 2 haemonculus as they are both cheap and fairly tough(i dont feel too comfy with the idea of having a one wound sybarite/succubbus carrying around mine).

    why people take two is it be sure to get one up :yes:

    I do prefer my raiders though, i just do and thus i haven played much with the WWP to really say much about it.
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    I play USF, not exactly dark eldar, but I know what dark eldar can do, and they utilize the WWP much much better than USF. Now comparing it to the reaver, it is your own preference on hwo you would like to engage the enemy really. Yeah I would take 2 warp gates ALWAYs, to be safe and to ensure that you have a gate up and running in no time, and possibility of two fronts of stratedgy.

    Gates would allow your whole army to be emplaced in the wanted location, though your first few turns will be rough. Raiders would bring your army flying, and shelling out splinters for turns. not to also mention dark lances since it is an open topped vehicle.

    Against necrons, if you want to really scare them in CC, and with a surgical hit, WWP could bring you in there, althoguh make sure you will reach into CC immediatly or your toast in the coming turns as the necrons will blast the living hell out of you.

    Vs IG i'd call for raiders as you can flank any vehicles and provide that fast mobility which scares guardsmens all alike.

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    I've seen many strategies with the WWP and to tell the truth, I really feel that the DE were meant to be deployed that way. I think the Raider rush strategy in the 3rd edition was merely a loophole and many people took advantage of the "transport rush" rules (not just the DE!).

    Some basic ideas or strategies I like to use include:

    2 portals in a 1000+ points, give one to a sybarite and the other to a Haemy. This assures depending on the scenario that at least one portal will start on the board.

    2 warrior troops to start with a harasser unit and perhaps a ravager on the board (1 sniper and one large warrior squad with the syb and portal). You can put the hamey behind the large group and use the warriors as a screen. I also like to have a harasser/diversion unit in there. Like reavers or warp beasts. Running the diversion units straight at your enemy may divert his fire from the portal carriers - if it doesn't then your reavers or warp beasts will have first dibs on their assault.

    Also, I've seen some who use Mandrakes as a diversion/harasser squad. I personally feel they were designed to be a harassing unit and can play some serious concern for your foe. That alone may be enough to get the portal carriers enough time to set the portals. I also think that Mandrakes would have alot of fun playing against the Tau (a defensive stand and shoot army).

    Depending on your foe, move + fleet your portal carriers 1st turn (depending on cover too) set the portal 2nd turn, 3rd reserves comes out. If playing against orks or nids I wouldn't move one of the portals and open it on the 1st just incase they get too close.

    I like to have at least 3 units coming out of the portal (as reserves allow). 2 wych squads in raiders and a drac + incubi in a raider - this assures these cc units get into action or throw in a talos or a raider squad. I think the talos is perfect for the portal but I have seen some who put the talos on the board simply as a fire magnet/diversion - I think it would work but a waste, you need to get this guy into cc. Perhaps with nids and orks (since they are all rushing at you) you can put him on the board because he will see some action either way.

    1000 points or less is very difficult to build a wwp list - it can be done but the portals cost sooo much. Don't have a lot of options so you either go Raider rush or try to get shooty.
    Try to balance a 1000 or less army tends to make them weak unless you tailor them to the enemy you think you are going to play. I've made 2 lists at 1000 points with 1 portal and they are either:

    Drac, haemy, 4 raider squads a warrior w/syb+wwp. Drac and Haemy in the portal in the wwp mounted on separate raiders + another raider squad w/syb). The warrior squad of 14 and a raider squad on the board - haven't play tested it but the idea is to separate the raider and its squad and run the raider forward 24" and position it so when it gets shot down it will the provide cover for the 14 warrior squads running up behind it. The raider squad now on foot has a dark lance and acts like a half strength sniper squad. 3 prong portal attack.

    The other list includes a 6 wych+succ/raider instead of a raider squad - again, dunno if this will work but I plan to find out this weekend.

    Just ideas, a person opinion and 1 style of play I like. After constantly getting mowed down during the rush I would rather run the gamble of setting up a portal. Its all or nothing.

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