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Thread: 2000 points

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    2000 points

    I've just got to 2000pts, but I have to stretch to get there.

    I want to expand into a different area within Necrons, but I don't know where. Anything new I want to buy I will pretty much have to buy an entire unit, and so I don't want to be regretting it later.

    My list:

    1 Foot Lord w/ converted SoL

    1 C'tan (It's a pony on a flying base, so it can be either)

    No Elites

    47 Warriors

    11 Scarabs

    4 Destroyers

    2 Heavy Destroyers

    1 Monolith

    I thought I would probably fill out the Destroyers and Heavy Destroyers units, but from there I don't really know where to go. Probably into Elites. I definitely wouldn't go for Pariahs, but I'm not sure about Flayed Ones or Immortals.

    Mainly I play:
    Orks (often Kult of Speed)
    Tau (with a few railguns and lots of fire warriors)
    Imperial Guard (with tanks, of the 'many' description)
    Space Marines (with a few tanks, Shrike, and terminators)
    Tyranids (with an extremely beefed up Carnifex- Grannifex- and pretty well beefed up genestealers+broodlord)

    *In My Mind*

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    Immortal yourself up. Or get a C'tan if you want something nice to paint. My Immortals were a grind because the individual figures are pretty steep and I had to justify buying everyone over the minimum squad. If you're at 2000pts maybe mark the milestone by converting something cool for the army. You've already got 2 heavy destroyers- one more and a Destroyer lord will give you all the gauss cannon bits you need to convert 4 Immortals with huge right arms- maybe a bodyguard for the lord? I made a neat tomb spyder bodied lord for my army. He's evil in the game- I jst count him as a destroyer lord with a phylactery. Much help? Hope so.
    No more NG spearmen, thanks! Now I need some pump-wagons!

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    Well so far you got a pretty solid list. I woudn't suggest taking flayed ones..they just never seem to do that well. I would get some immortals and buy a Nightbringer model. The Nightbringer should work real well countering the tyranid charge because they run rihgt to you :tongue:

    Sense you already have a big necron army, you could consider starting a whole new army too!

    Anyway good luck!

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