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    Tyranid Fire Support

    I'm looking for anyone's opinions, based on game experience, about tyranid fire support, naming specific units, whats cost effective and whats not.

    hive tyrant, warriors, zoanthropes, carnifex, biovores.

    from experience, i can personally say that a hive tyrant equipped with 2x devourers, enhanced senses, toxin sacs, with some gaurd is a very effective way at dealing with troops.

    what are some of better ways of dealing with armour, infantry, or mixed roles?

    thanks guys

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    I've found heavy armour a real pain to deal with - Crusaders, Leman Russ and the Eldar Falcon give me gas every time.

    I've explored four options for killing tanks: rending claws, monstrous creatures in melee, 'fex venom cannon, and zoanthrope warp blast. All have serious down-sides that need some finesse - and luck - in order to get a good result.

    Rending claws - you can field a lot of rending creatures in a typical swarm. 'Stealers start with them and they're cheap on warriors and raveners. A CC rending hit on a vehicle gives you a chance of punching through even AV14, but the trick is getting enough hits to make this reliable, and a canny opponent will move his vehicles at least 6" to force you to roll to hit - halving the chance to then put a rend on the vehicle. The Eldar skimmer is worse, since it gets a cheap 12" move - hitting on 6s. A smaller risk you run using cc attacks on vehicles too is that if you get an explosion result it can kill many of the creatures you used to take it down, which is always a laugh.

    Monstrous creatures are great for tearing apart vehicles, but the trick is getting them close. A canny opponent will make sure his vehicles are always outside charge range of a tooled up fex. I have yet to field a winged tyrant, which I suspect will be the business for this.

    The carnifex venom cannon is the heaviest, hardest-hitting gun in the Tyranid arsenal. But because it's fluff-wise only the Super-Soaker of Dooooom (it fires a stream of toxins, acids, metal shards and general nastiness) it can only ever produce glancing hits on non-open-topped vehicles, which does limit its effectiveness. You can generally expect to stop a vehicle doing something with it, but not end it permanently. Another slight down-side is that even wih enhanced senses, the gunfex is not a great shot, although this is offset a bit by getting to fire twice. You can generally expect to hit a vehicle once per shooting phase, and one time in four you will miss with both shots.

    Which leaves me with zoanthropes, which are designated living artillery. Their S10 warp blast is a great can-opener, but you need to make an (easy) psych test to get it to happen at all, and then try to hit with it - and zoanthropes are not great shots either. Plus this version of the blast only has a range of 18", which is well within the effective range of the opponent's vehicles' weapons. A canny opponent will keep his vehicles out of range of the zoanthropes and shoot them to Hades with low AP stuff that forces them to take invulnerable saves.

    My advice for anti-armour would be to take several of these options in your swarm and be prepared to improvise - and to lose many bugs. If your armoured opponent is afraid of your gunfexes, maybe you can herd his tanks into a brood of genestealers. If he tank-charges the 'stealers, take him in the side with the raveners or zoanthropes, or back them up with a chopper-fex.

    Has anyone had any experience with the anti-armour spore-mine?

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