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    Pathfinders in Mech Tau list

    How's everyone doing, I'm a usual Mech Tau player... Actually I've never ran any other list for Tau... well just to give you a basic idea of what I run, here's a basic outline:

    HQ: Shas El Commander - helios [deep strike]

    Elite: 2 XV8 - helios [deep strike]
    Elite: 2 XV8 - deathrain
    Elite: 6 Stealth [infiltrate]

    Troop: 12 Kroot [infiltrate]
    Troop: 12 Fire Warriors - 2 carbines [Devilfish]

    Fast Attack: Pathfinders - 2 Rail Rifles 3 Carbines w/ markers
    Fast Attack: 10 Gun Drones

    Heavy: Railhead
    Heavy: Ionhead

    That's basically what a run, the lack of firewarriors and the 3rd hammerhead is only because of lack of money and/or space in my box...

    But my question is how do I use Pathfinders effectivly in a Mech list? Sure, If I get first turn great! But if I don't they usually get pounded by anything that can reach em especially when I play people who know how good the rail rifles are, they're usually the focus of at least one turn of shooting, if not two, and since I average a total of 3 kills a game with the squad, it just doesn't seem like they're making their points back. If anyone has a working tactic with Pathfinders in a Mech list (which means no broadsides) lemme know because any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Hello! I play mech Tau and I use a small 5 man squad of pathfinders w/ ui' and bonded w/EMP's and Photons. Here are the ways I use them:

    1. Cover the advance of the army. This means setting them up in terrain out of line of sight to cover key areas your opponent will have to MOVE INTO w/ thier markerlights.

    2. As the enemy closes they can remain somewhat mobile and fire their pulse carbines while taking objectives.

    3. Speed foward to the enemies backline and take down any stationary inderect firing vehicles (cough! whirlwinds cough) w/ their EMP's. They auto hit stationary vehicles and if your opponent moves it all the better. This one is rarer than the first two but my guys have carried out this task a couple of times.

    There are others of course but these are the 3 my squad find themselves doing most often.
    Main thing to remember is to make the enemy move into your line of site while remaining out of return fire range. And don't forget to use the develfish! Keep harrasing the enemy w/ it. Tank shock w/ it. If your enemy shoots at it he's not shooting at hammerheads or firewarrior laden fish.

    One last personal opinion but...RAILRIFLES SUCK! They are far too expensive and make the pathfinders a prime target. I don't feild them after several games in which they failed miserably and almost always were wiped out. My small unit is very versatile while Railraifle squads have to stay still and shoot all game to earn their points back. Which they never did for me.

    Phase Out:wacko:

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