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    advice on either 1000 or 1500 point list

    Well i want to make a definate list for my 1000 and 1500 list KOS armies. I want to incopereate most of the models i already have and i dont want to buy to much more

    Well so far I have

    1 Warboss model in the procces of being a big mek (already has a KFF just need to think about what to use for meks tools and hes good)
    2 Battlewagons
    2 Nobz in mega armor
    1 necron nob (ork'cron)
    1 Looted Leman Russ (could be a demolisher if i cut the barrel a bit)
    1 Warrtruk
    about 70 boyz
    somewhere in between 6 and 8 big shoota boyz (when im finished with them)
    2 boyz with burnas
    3 killa kans (im gonna try to make a big mek using the killa kan and warboss models and im obviously not using them)

    Well obviously i need to get another warrtruk but what else would you guys suggest for either a 1000 or 1500 point list. Reading other threads and such, 'ard boyz and skarboyz sound ideal so i could convert some of my boyz into them. Also should i have more then two trukks? Mabye some of those TL rokkit buggies? Or i was thinking of making one of my battlewagons a heavy screen with TL rokkits and a zzap cannon. What has seemed to work for all you fellow ork players?

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    106 (x6)

    HQ-Big Med/Warboss
    ELite-2 units of ard boys in battlewagons, with a Warboss/Med in either
    Troops-Trukk Boys, Burna Boys (trukk), Tank bustas (Trukk)
    Fast-Fighta Bommer raid (no figures required!)
    Heavy-Looted Russ, Maybe a rokkit wagon (if you want I don't like them)

    This is a basic lay out. Don't kill your self converting kans into meks, its not needed since at max you need 1 Big Mek, and 1 Mek boy for the burnas. In addition, you could convert Guntrukks out of anything really. I used rhinos and chimeras. I use 1 Zzap trukk and 2 Lobba Trukk. Remember Buggies/Trakks are troops choices in KoS.

    Regular boyz are so easy to convert its funny. Marine pads make them ard boys, some green stuff for skar boys. I use 4 rokkits, 4 burnas, 6 big shootas (2 units of ard boys), and 2 extra burna/big shoota models per trukk for flexibility.
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