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    New Eldar Rangers

    I know most of you would probably know about the new eldar rangers by now and have probably seen those really cool pics but I'm creating this topic for the benefit of those that haven't. So you can find them here. (Eldar Rangers)

    Pretty darn good aren't they?

    EDIT: Sorry, I just realised this might be a false alarm.

    The more I look at these models, the more it dawns on me that they might not actually be new models and just really cool conversions.

    I mean, look very closely, the bottom half of the gun looks exactly like a shuriken catapult and the tip looks just like a brightlance tip. The rest of it is guardian bits and greenstuffed cloaks and stuff. Seriously, take a very close looks at the parts I named....... I'm probably wrong but....... hmmmm..... Yeah... I think I'm wrong, cos it only looks like a shuriken catapult on a couple of them..... Sorry for rambling like this.....


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    It was debated on IRC as well, although it did make me consider the posibilities for making my own plastic rangers.

    Using guardian bits (as was appartenly done in the link above) and the new plastic woodelf archers. There's tons of cloaks, hoods and whatnot, and while it is normally a pain that the guardians have to be assembled from so many pieces, it'll probably be an advantage here, more bits means its easier to costumize.

    The only trouble I forsee is the guns, greenstuffing them will be hell, so you'd have to figure out a way of extending the catapults... posibly some plasticard.

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    There is a thread about this already. Do not create duplicate threads.

    - Closed -

Closed Thread

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