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    What should i get?

    Well im gonna enter a 750 point army tournament.
    I have
    2 sniper squads
    a raider
    2 Haemonculi(1 with stinger n other with destructor)
    2 incubis and 3 warriors
    5 reavers
    1 talos
    5 scourges 1 sybarite 2 with dark lances and 2 with splinter cannons
    what should i do to get 750 points? p.s and i will probably get a ravager

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    Even with a Ravager you don't have enough for a good list. The best I can think of is:
    Dracon w Agonizer, Pistol, Drugs, Sfield, PGrendaes, Hell Mask, GTalisman
    2 Incubi
    3 Warriors (2 w Splinter Cannons
    Raider w DL, Horroefex, Trophy Rack
    Haemonculus w. Destructor and Scissorhands
    2x Sniper Squads
    3 Reavers (2 w. Blasters)
    Ravager w 3 Dissies, NShield
    =32 models

    The easiest problem to solve is that your Dracon and Retinue will have to take the majority save which is 5+. Simply buy one more Invubi and drop the warriors to 2.

    A much better list would be to get more warriors and a Sybarite:
    Drachite w Agonizer Pistol, Drugs, Sfield, Hell Mask, PGrenades
    19 Warriors (2x SCannon, 2x Blaster) + Sybarite w. Agonizer, Pistol
    Raider Squad - 9 Warriors (Scannon, Blaster) + Sybarite w. Agonizer, Pistol
    (Horrorfex for the Raider)
    Sniper Squad
    Ravager w 3 Dissies, NShield
    =47 models

    If you are playing on a 4x4 board then you could think about using the Talos. Swap out the Reavers for it I guess.
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