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    1850 Evil Sunz Klan List

    I decided to try a new 'Klans' list.

    I put together an Evil Sunz battle roster and wanted some opinions or suggestions for improvements.

    Mounted Warboss HQ
    Iron Gob/Bionic Bonce/Heavy Armour/Cybork Body w Choppa and PK

    Stormboyz Mob ELITE
    (x9 ) Stormboyz w Choppa/Slugga/Frag Stickbombz
    (x1 ) Nob w Choppa/PK

    Skarboyz Mob ELITE
    (x8 ) Skarboyz w Choppa/Slugga/Frag Stickbombz
    (x3 ) Skarboyz w Burnaz
    (x1 ) Nob w Choppa/PK

    Warbike Mob One TROOP
    (x8 ) Warbikes w TLBS
    (x1 ) Nob w TLBS/Choppa/PK

    Warbike Mob Two TROOP
    (x8 ) Warbikes w TLBS
    (x1 ) Nob w TLBS/Choppa/PK

    Shootaboyz Mob TROOP
    (x9 ) Shootaboyz w Shootas
    (x3 ) Shootaboyz w Rokkitlaunchas

    Trukkboyz Mob FAST ATTACK
    (x8 ) Trukkboyz w Choppa/Slugga
    (x1 ) Truckkboy w Burna
    (x1 ) Nob w Choppa/PK
    Trukk w Red Paint/Turbo-Boosta

    Battlewagon HEAVY
    Armed w Zapp Gun/TLRokkitLauncha/TLBS
    Red Paint/Turbo-Boosta/Armour Plates

    Lobba Battery HEAVY
    (x3 ) Lobbaz w guncrews
    (x1 ) Slaver w Choppa/Slugga/Squighound

    Looted Vehicle HEAVY

    My hope with this list is to close and unload as fast as possible, while using the Lobbaz and Bassie to pin/suppress any units with large numbers of fast firing weapons. I hope to start the Skarboyz outside the Battlewagon and load them or the Shootaboyz on the first turn assuming the BW doesn’t get shaken/stunned/immobilized if I lose first turn.

    If anyone has suggestions for improvements, I'd appreciate any input.

    Last edited by Fedral; February 6th, 2006 at 20:03.

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