So i've been playing shooty speed freaks for about a month or so now, and i've in a personal debate. I'm kicking it back and forth of what works more effectively Bad Moons with lots of Flash Gitz or Speed freaks. Below is what i see as the pro's and con's, want to see what the ork community things, and how they think it would play out. Note, this only factors into my personal army which is currently arranged around, lots of buggies and battlewagons. Recently i've been debating field Badmoons with 2 heavy slots of battlewagons deployed behind killa kans thus forcing a opponent to shoot the kans instead of the battlewagons on turn 1.

Bad Moons
-Troops-Flash gitz can potentially have 5 bit shootas, 4 with the squad, 1 on the nob, when mounted in a Battlewagon with bolt on big shootas that means the wagon is shooting 3 TL, 5 Bolt ons, then 5 from the squads. Lots of dakka
-Battlewagons-max of 3, as Battlewagons are a common unit under chapter approved for badmoons, however, most likely 2 as the last heavy slot will be occupied by either kans or looted russ.
-Less buggies, but more boys
-Potential 2 slots of tankbustas as opposed to 1
-No option for deathkoptas
-No option for guntrukks (i use Zzap trucks currently)
-No fighta bommer raid
-Option to mob up with other ork units ads staying power to the army

-Currently i use 4 battlewagons, 3 as dakka wagons, 1 as a rokkit wagon with tankbustas in it. Speedfreaks allow me to field more of a armored company
-Fighta bommer raid very effective for points
-Death koptas allows for a mobile field, or Super stick bomb option
-Gun trukks can tank hunt
-Buggies/rokkit buggies as troops
-Army overall lacks staying power, no option for mobbing up
-Less Big Shootas in squads max of 4 as opposed to 5
-Faster into combat, but my army tends to stay away from combat
-Burna boys are a trukk are incredible=4 flamers into a squad on turn 2