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    Bad Moons or Kult of Speed?

    I'm planning to start Orks...eventually (When my Tau and Space Wolf armies are both complete, so not for a while), but I can't decide between running a Bad Moon or Kult of Speed army.

    Pros and Cons:

    Bad Moons:
    DAKKADAKKADAKKADAKKA! (I loves mah gunz)
    Can fit a lot of high-end vehicles in their list (Battlewagons for all, Looted Russes, ect)
    Brings a freakishly large amount of firepower to the table for an Ork army (5 Big Shootas per Flash Gitz squad, plus weapon upgrades), but can still hold their own in close combat.

    Not quite the CC punch you expect from an average Ork army-Slugga Boyz are a 0-1 choice.
    While the sheer volume of firepower makes up for BS2, it's still at BS2-that means the potential for a lot of important missed shots.
    Fragile-Most guys will still be running around with 5+ and 6+ saves. With Flash Gitz as your basic troops, you've got a lot of expensive guys with no armour.

    Kult of Speed:
    DAKKAZOOMDAKKAZOOM! (Gunz? Good. Gunz on fast vehicles? Better.)
    Mechanized-I've got a soft spot for fast Mech armies (My main army is Mech Tau, and my secondary is a drop-podding Space Wolves army), and Ork armies so Mech pretty damn well.
    Competitive-They're the most competitive Ork army I've seen, I think.

    Conversions: Yeah, I like to convert, but when I have to convert every vehicle in my list, or wait a year or so until the new ones come out, that's a lot of work. Especially when they're just little 40-point vehicles.
    Fragile-What's more fragile then a bazillion guys with 6+ saves? A bazillion guys with 6+ saves riding around in AV10 Trukks. If I don't get first turn, I could see a lot of Orks meeting Gork and Mork just because their Trukks died.

    Right now, I'm leaning more towards Bad Moons, but I could go either way.

    Burn the land and boil the sea. You can't take the sky from me.

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    Mech Tau Cadre: 2000 points, needs paint and magnets.
    Paladins of Avalon (SW):-1500 points, needs paint.

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    I just posted a similar post last week. I play a Shooty KoS army and love it, i've decided i will be attempting a Badmoon army with 2 battlewagons, possibly a third to see who it goes. I'm also considering 3 looted rhino's on the 3rd slot, mainly as at a minimum they are 50 pts, so i can take 3 allowing squads to zoom around and shoot (more roaming bigshootas). I figure it could be alot of fun. Speed freaks offer the same thing but can't have flash gitz
    40K-Beakies(9-14-4),Guard(4-7-2),Orks(34-12-11). FANTASY-Dwarves(15-6-7),Beasts (14-14-1), Skaven (17-17-10) DoC (6-1-2). CYGNAR (28-15-1)

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    My Personal Choice is Kult O' Speed because thats what I am going to pursue. I'll try to look at it from outside perspective.

    While using badmoons you will need to utilize covers and massive firepower to eliminate enemies. While not quite as shooty as other shooty based armies, you can still hold your own in combat. Utilize grots to make up for fragility. Possibly use a looted demolisher for some durability and antieverything, or a basilisk for even more long range support. IMO its not worth getting nobs for the extra special weapons, too expensive for a combat based unit, just take advantage of core flash gitz and use strength in numbers.

    Kult O' Speed are mostly assault. Make use of buggies and gun trukks to sweep around, distract, and take out armour, otherwise focus on combined assaults from trukk boys and warbikes to quickly break the enemies line.

    Both seem like they would be very fun and characterful. Good luck either way you go. Ill probably have more advice later but i dont have enough time to finish this post.

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