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    Necron Kill Team- battle report

    DAY 1

    Necron foot holds in the tau sector (first battle ever) have been established and bases have been constructed. The tau have apparently not liked this. A kroot kill team, that is allies with a clan (?) of eldar, has been contracted to plant melta bombs on a necron portal that is a bridge between the world and the tomb.

    The portal is heavily defended by necron patrols, and is located in a town. Las-traps are located all around the complex and only between two buildings is there a “safe” way in.

    Kroot Kill Team
    1 krootox
    1 shaper- equipped with a (executioner?) massive power weapon as large as he is.
    4 kroot
    4 kroot hounds.

    Due to the importance of the objective (big penalties from that krootox) necrons forces where augmented with 3 brute squads and had a total of 55 points to work with.
    Necron Brute Squads
    26 warriors

    8 las-traps (that’s 48”)
    Doom squad

    With las-traps at every way, except one spot, the kroot moved upon the slow moving necron forces from that direction. Necrons had a squad of 4 (we played with the commander guys) and it had the doom squad training. This squad never failed to move in the direction of my choice. Many turns of the warriors being manipulated by the kroot ensued. One squad even moved acrossed the inner circle to the other side. Then the kroot killed off a squad that got to close. The warriors did not even hit a single kroot hound. The turning point had come, (I think) with most necrons off near the other side, the doom squad got close and became aware. They where immediately assaulted by the kroot, but three survived. With this lone alarm, the other necrons came to see what the commotion was about. No rolls where lost after that one klaxon. All squads moved up, and another squad became aware. Two klaxons. The doom squad was slaughtered to the last warrior by the wave of kroot, and they consolidated into a second brute squad. Now all but one brute squad was aware (I think some was skipped, but O well). During my turn I assaulted with all the brutes at my control. 28 attacks where reduced to 21, as the faster kroot did some damage.
    As of this point I had been biffing my “to hit rolles” and only missed one armor roll before this, that power weapon did some damage. Then this happened, my assault, and I missed 5 armor saves in a row. Ouch, but luck doesn’t hold up forever.

    The kroot took 6 casualties as payment for the few warriors they knocked down. 3 warriors got back up again, and continued to be stuck in.

    The rest of the melee fest was long, but only a few necrons died from it. I ended with 9 warriors left.

    Necron Attack
    Necron reprisal will be sweet. An elite kill team of 3 wraiths where dispatched to destroy a ship that the kroot where defending for their eldar allies. The kill team will slip in, eliminate any brute resistance, and/or destroy the vehical, preventing its use to the enemies of the necrons.

    3 wraiths

    backstabbers + camo gear.

    27 kroot
    1 model with the evicerator thing (It costs 40 points)

    Kroot get 50 points to work with.

    Turn 1. Terrain was sparse. Few buildings where around the recently abandoned village. The wraith kill team starts where pickings seem easiest. A singe kroot squad is essentially alone and just asking to be sliced to ribbons. Wraiths move, charge, and slice each into 6 different pieces, rolled 4 so no klaxon. The process continues for 3 more brute squads (only15 kroot left) before enough control is exuded to put the kroot in reletivly the same spot, except one squad. A turboboost to about half way through the table is made, and in striking distance of the lonely kroot. The kroot that is the target moves back, so another target is chosen. The chosen kroot squad manages to survive a turn, and a klaxon is added, now 1. Kroot move more, I move back. The original kroot target is now isolated, and is attacked. It to survives a round, 2 klaxons. Next I pay no heed to the klaxons, the slaughter will be final. I move and eviscerate the third to last kroot squad. Then I clean up his kroot hiding in barrels (very funny, I tried to give them a 5++ save, but he didn’t do it). A wraith falls over and promptly looses its army after I pick it up again, I knew I should have waited another 30 min after gluing. I say it gets -1 attack; my opponent seems very pleased at that. The last of the kroot is the commander himself, sitting in the objective. I assault, attacking 11 times, and wound him 5 times. He gets 1 save and I don’t loose a model. The kroot are all dead, slaughtered to the last bird. With arrogance, the wraiths take up 17 turns turboboosting around the map, before finally blowing the ship on the first bomb.

    Somewhere near the end in there I lost a wraith, but it got back up again.


    Necron foiled the kill team in a bloody mist of blades and armor.

    Necron kill team slaughters the kroot to the last bird without taking a single casualty.

    Player score: My opponent was very nice. We joked, and he patiently let my wraiths slaughter his troops. Well, he tried to get them, but they just kept on picking off his brutes one at a time.

    Store score: So far I was the only one to succeed at taking out the kill team. Every other defender did not make it.

    Yay! Two covert wins for the necrons.

    Last edited by Sleepy; February 24th, 2006 at 04:42.

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