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    Analysis of RokkitBuggies bs ZzapTrukks, Also a Question...

    In a speed freak army, the only two reliable (if you can call anything in a speed freak army reliable) sources of anti armour (albeit not great) are Rokkit Buggies and Gun Trukks with Zzap Guns. Here are some compares and contrasts:

    3 TL-Rokkit Buggies, Armour Plates, RPJ, Riggers, Force Field - 168 Points

    2 Gun Trukks with Zzap Guns, Armour Plates, RPJ, Riggers, Force Field - 172 Points

    So in terms of points, a squad of Rokkit Buggies and Gun Trukks are roughly the same, with a slight favor towards the Rokkit Buggies.

    In terms of durability, Rokkit Buggies obviously win, as they are the same, but there are more Buggies for the same price.

    The Average Strength of one shot from a Rokkit Buggy =

    24" Range
    1 Twin-linked rokkit shot (1 x .55) = .55 hits

    s8 + 1d6 armour penetration (9-14 armour penetration, 10.5 average)

    The Average Strength of one shot from a Zzap Trukk =

    24" Range
    1 Zzap Gun Shot (1 x 1) = 1 (Automatic Hit), x 5/6 for chance of frying = .8333 hits

    s2d6 (2-10)(6.5 Strength) + 2d6 armour penetration (2-12, 7 avg)(13.5 average)

    SO: Out of 3.0 Buggy Shots, 1.66 on average will hit at Strength 10.5 Average
    Out of 2.0 Zzap Shots, 1.66 on average will hit at Strength 13.5, against a Monolith they would only have an average strength of 10.0.

    Buggies are also twice as fast as Gun Trukks

    So in conclusion, Buggies have a lower damage output, but are more durable overall and faster, which allows them to get good rear and side shots, however this is useless agaisnt things such as Land Raiders and Monoliths.

    Also, I have a question, can Buggies only be taken as Troops in a Speed Freaks list? Or can they also be fast attack? Thanks.

    "...a swarm of mechanised locusts sweeping over the land, stripping it bare of resources, bringing death and destruction to anything that stands in its path. Emperor preserve us against the predations of these so-called Orkish cults of speed!" - Cardinal Nomura at the Conclave of Hessen

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    Buggies can only be taken as troops in speedfreaks, they are not an option as fast attack. As far as i'm concerned the fast attack choice of a Dethkopta is excellent for its cost, and also more survivable then any buggies/guntrakk.

    The statistics are good, but don't factor in to topics such as vehicle speed, survivability, etc. For instance, while a zzap trukk has excellent fire power it lacks range, and lacks speed. While a Rokkit buggy is cheaper, same range, less fire power, and a higher survivability due to it only being able to be glanced. Plus rokkit buggies have the capability to go for rear and side armor shoots very easily, while a zzap trukk takes what it gets.

    Additionally, you failed to report on kannon trukks. kannon trukks offer more range, but less balistic skill. however they act as an ordiance hit, rolling 2D6. Its the all or nothing philosphy.

    Lastly, while its more expensive i enjoy the Battlewagon with a Zzap gun and 2 sets of TL Rokkits. It has the same range, but higher survivability due to the armor 13 front/12 side. In addition, with the Zzap gun if you roll a low strength you can claim it as a defensive weapon and then shoot one of the TL rokkits on the move.

    Lastly, the best tank busting unit in speedfreak in my opinion is Storm boys if the nob has a power klaw. Find that with the Nobs WS, and the strength of the power klaw, combined with the range of the boys its excellent.

    I know my rant is off topic, but if your comparing tank hunting, think you should include all the options. Statistically however, i prefer to think we have excellent shooting! That theory of if i hurl enough rokkits at tanks they blow up and if i shoot enough big shootas something will fall in the mud.
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