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    Keeping the raiders and ravagers on the little post!

    PLEASE someone tell me they've found a good way to do this, my proud new fleet is just parked and it's killing me inside

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    What worked for me was to do this... go down to the hardware store and buy a 3/8 "(note the inside diameter is 3/8 ) pvc pipe that is about 24" long(which is used for various plumbing things). I then went to K&J magnets online (all they sell is rare earth magnets). I bought some 3/8" cylander magnets (and also some flat disc magnets to use for my dissies and dark lances). They ship fast and the magnets aren't too bad in price.

    Then I measured off a piece of the pipe which was as long at the clear plastic post. I cut it and then filled the pipe with a small roll of plumber's putty. Don't pack it too tight as you want to be able to slip the pipe over the post. If you do it right, you should now have the 3/8 " pipe over the post and and the post solidly filled with putty. Before the putty dries, place a magnet into the top of the post (which is mounted over the pipe). The magnet should fit flush and when the putty dries will hold it in. Its important to make sure you push the magnet in so its flush with the top of the pipe.

    Then, I drill a hole in the raider bottom big enough to fit in a second piece of the 3/8 pipe(you are really just enlarging the small hole thats already there). Carefully slide in the 2nd pipe inside the raider and measure it so its flush with the raider bottom. The piece is roughly around 1 1/4 " long. I took a little bit of plumber's putty and pushed it a little inside of the second tube and formed a little "bullet" end with the rest. I then inserted the pipe side with the putty bullet into the raider hole and carefully pushed the tube so the putty on the pipe will adhere to the inside top of the raider. The putty acks like glue and will hold the pipe securely to the inside of the raider. (Note: you could also use 2 part epoxy but I like the way the putty firmy anchors the pipe into the raider giving it a solid base.

    The small pipe should now be inside the raider but flush with the raider bottom. I took a second magnet and made sure the correct pole was oriented so it will attract the magnet that is on the base pipe. Put a little bit more putty and place it into the flush pipe hole(the one in the raider) and put the second magnet into the pipe. If you do it right, the magnet will be securely anchored inside the pipe and the whole thing flush with the raider bottom.

    If you look at the raider bottom, you will just see the pipe circle with the magnet inside of it. If you look at the side of the raider, you won't be able to see the magnet at all. I then primed and painted the base with the long pole.

    The magnets are incredibly strong and the raider will never fall off the base. I tried it without using a second pipe (the one inside the raider) with just a piece of metal on the underside of the raider. While it held ok, I really like the second magnet because it holds contact far better.

    The down side of this is your base rod will now be a lot thicker than the small diameter of the clear rod of the flying base. But the thing is now very stable and I don't have raiders falling off the base now. I wasn't able to figure out how to get a magnet to securely stick to the end of a clear flying base post. I tried epoxy and guerilla glue, but the clear plastic isn't very strong and the magnet would come off or the clear plastic would break after awhile.

    The whole operation took about an hour for the first raider (as I had to figure it out as I went along. It then only took about 90 mins to do the other three raiders and two ravagers.

    Some variations of this I may try down the road is to try and find a 3/8" clear plastic rod which I can drill a small hole for the magnet. Then you could have the transparent look. You could also use a little smaller diameter pipe and magnets if you want a thinner looking post.

    Hope this helps or gives you an idea that you can adapt to make it better. I love how the raider now attaches securely and doesn't come off unless I want it to.
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    I did it the cheap lazy way.

    I drilled the hole under the raider/ravager a little bigger so I dont use that little peg (that is broken off on almost all of my stems). If you dont make the hole too big the raider will sink down the stem about half way. This is sturdy enough for me, when you pick it up both the raider and the stem/stand stays together and believe it or not almost all of the raiders are still off the ground/stand.

    Only one of my raiders did I make the hole too big and now the blades on the bottom the raider hit the stand. It still holds steady and I think I can fix it if I need to with a little green stuff or make the hole smaller by glueing scrap plastic to the bottom and drill a new hole in it.

    I wanted to do the pipe stuff but this was way too easy.

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