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    Warp Daemon "counts as" Talos

    So In my DE army, I would very much like to include a talos or two. The problem is, is that I have no(nor do I want any) grotesques or homunculus. Being as I am, I would never field a Talos in under such a condition. However, I thought that I could convert up a medium sized daemon(somewhere around the size of a 2nd ed. daemon prince) with a beast master on the same base. It would more than likely have spider legs to explain the floaty-ness.

    The idea behind this if you haven't allready guessed, is a larger version of a warp beast.

    So what to you think? Do you understand? Could it work?

    Btw, is this in the right forum?


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    Well, keep in mind that a Talos is a Haemonculus construct. It's a machine. It also floats, allowing it to ignore difficult terrain. That being said: as long as your conversion make sense in the context of the fluff and the rules, you can really do whatever you want.
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