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    Conversions and a bit about my gaming

    HI Im extremely new but im starting DE ive played about 5 matches and won 4 of em so im pumped. I find converting great fun and i thought we could share conversions in this thread ill put mine oin in a bout 30 mins my freind is bugging me for a game on AOM tt. But if you want to place conversions here.

    Seeing as im a bit bored and have 2 wait for that game im going to put up my game summerys.

    1st game 1v1v1v1 Carnage

    1000pts Necrons, Chaos (exuse the spelling plz), Tau And DE.

    stated with Necrons

    Necrons moved toward csm

    CSM player moved rapots toward the tau on the oppoisite side of the bored and shot down 2 fire warrios with auttocans from a preditor.

    Tau retaliated by shooting down 3 raptors and firing a rail gun at my wythces The boom thingy of death scattered off and i was saved

    Moved a raider ravengar and wyches towards tau but dismounted wythes towards the objective hellions moved toward necrons. darks lance sqauds FOFed to better shooting poistions. 2 dissies on ravengar shot dow a few drons and i shot down 2 necron warriors with hellions.

    Turn 2

    Necrons shot my bunker and all troops inside tangled killed my ravenger and shot 4 hellions down. mover flayed ones and lord towards chaos.

    Csm forgot to move anything (was a noob player) and shot his preditor at the hammerhead doing nothing.

    Tau shot CSM presitor dead and unloaded into one of my dark lance sqauds killing 5 with pulse rifles. kroot moved towards my wytches.

    DE PISED OFF Wythes, LOrds Raider (moved 12) Hellions MOved and FOF towards Necrons chaged towards necrons cept lord who sat out of Los. Went well for DE killed a **** load of stuff cant really remeber what cept lots of warriors and a few imortas.

    Necrons Counter shot and charged with Warriors and flayed ones. De own his ass cause of initative cept wythces and warrioirs are reduced 2 about 2, and 3 men respectivaly.

    CSM forgot to move again summoned in Terminators at tau lkanded and chergedfir warriors. lost 4 termies 2 fire woriiros LOL. killed about 3 out of 2 sqauds of 10.

    Tau wiped my dark lance sqaud out of there bunker and conter charged termies with kroot, Termi lives.

    De lord bring out talos in wwp and chrges toghether.

    IN the blood bath that follow few thing stand out in my mind. I killed all the necrons, Tau was maimed CSM died alot.
    I got the objective by parking 2 raiders in front of it


    Winner - DArk eldar about 1600 pts
    2cnd - Tau about 1000 pts
    3rd necrons 800 ptd
    last CSM about 400 pts

    good battle

    then i lost 2 tau and won another carnage wiping out tryanids and tau and runniong from land raiders.

    Tere are other matches but i cant remeber what happened. i think they were

    DE vrs Tau De VRs Chaos

    Here are some of my vonversions cept the tankl i just like it

    the photography is not 2 good tho

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    you might want to consider cropping the images, they're too big for my screen and I run at 1280x1024 resolution
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    A few things.

    First, welcome to Librarium Online, we're happy to have you here. Please take a look at the rules yadda yadda yadda, and we look forwards to you posting.

    Now, with that out of the way -

    Battle Reports belong in the Battle Reports subforum, and talk about Conversion belong in the Conversions forum. This post should have been split up into two different posts and put in their respective forums. This sub forum is for talking about strategies, rules and tactics peculiar to Dark Eldar.

    Second, I know you asked to be excused about your spelling, but there really is no excuse for it. If you have Microsoft Word or anything with a spell checker, we suggest that you create your post there, run a spell check, and then copy/paste it into a post on LO. A few random mispellings is okay - but your post is littered with them, which makes it very hard to follow.

    I'm inclined to lock this thread. You're free to repost however, in the correct subforums, but just remember to keep Battle Reports and Conversion topics seperate. Thanks!


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