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    1500pt Deathskullz! Advice needed!!!!!

    Hi Everyone, i have about 750pts of orks and i really want to expand, due to everyone else having bigger armies:glare: , but my problem is I can't decide what to use, so I have put together this list. I'll be greatful for any comments/criticism/advice.

    Warboss - Slugga, Choppa, Lucky Tattoos (compulsory for DS) - 68pts

    Zagstruk and 15x 'Vulcha Boyz' - 280pts

    10x Lootas - Rhino - 150pts
    10x Lootas - Rhino - 150pts
    29x Grots - Slaver w/shoota+squighound - 103pts
    26x Slugga Boyz - 234pts

    2x Buggies/Traks Rokkits, Skorcha, Red Paint Jobs - 84pts
    2x Buggies/Traks Rokkits, Skorcha, Red Paint Jobs - 84pts
    2x Buggies/Traks 2x Skorchas, Red Paint Jobs - 82pts

    Looted Basilisk 100pts - 100pts
    Looted Leman Russ Demolisher - Heavy Bolter, Pair of Heavy Flamers - 165pts

    Please bare in mind my main opponents are a predominantly traitor lost and the damned army, necrons, eldar, tau and possibly tyranids soon.

    Thanks in advance people!

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