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Thread: biovores

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    I cant find anywhere in the codex what the different spore mines do, and when I know what type of mine is the best (sort of)

    Thanks in advance

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    Page 45, the Biovore page.

    EDIT: Frag mines are good against most light infantry (Guardians, Orks, DE Warriors). Poison mines work great against open-topped vehicles and medium infantry (Fire Warriors or Aspect Warriors). Bio-acid mines can potentially do damage against Marines (due to their AP) and can even work well against light vehicles.
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    There are significant changes to Biovores in the 4th ed codex. Biovores can not fire independently. Biovores have brood telepathy like stealers. They can hold table quarters. All spore mines are launched as barrage weapons. You select an enemy model within range and roll the scatter dice. This also means that they can force a pinning test. The major advantage Biovores have over regular barrages is that missed spore mines hang around. This really bugs some players, make them spread out their models, hampers their movement and forces target priority rolls.

    Broods must be deployed together. This means it can be tricky getting all models behind cover. With leadership 5 it is very easy to fail a morale test. One tactic is to hide one in cover in your starting quarter. One Biovore has the about the same annoyance value as three. Another advantage is that it will never need to make a morale test since it will be dead when it gets below 25% strength. Normally you will have to be very lucky for them to make their points back. However in "Cleanse" missions there must be NO scoring units in the quarter. Your prey will have a difficult time not only getting into your quarter but also removing some creature in the most obnoxious location.

    Spore Mine Clusters
    Spore mine cluster differ from Biovore launched mines in that they arrive using the deep strike rules. This means that you can drop them in some choke point or on an objective. They are cheap compared to the cost of a Biovore.

    Spore Mines
    Spore mines are a mindless creature that semi randomly floats around until it detonates. In your movement phase roll and 1-6’ in the direction of the scatter dice. On a hit you choose the movement direction. ALL spore mines use the SMALL BLAST template. I my experience you will get about 1 hit and 2 partials on an average hit.
    • Bio-Acid is best against MEQ troops though the strength is weak. The 2D6 + 3 penetration gives you a 50% to penetrate AV10.
    • Frag is best against troop-heavy IG and Guardian-heavy Eldar.
    • Toxin is useful against Tau & IG Storm Troopers, high toughness Chaos and Necron models. Toxin mines can devastate Eldar & Orks. The automatic hit on open-topped vehicles is priceless!
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