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    Tyranid Army Theme - What do you Prefer?

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of making my first 40K army, Tyranids. But, I don't want to just make them another set o' bugs, so, tu customize them, I'm gonna do some heavy converting to each and every single one. Also, because of my lack of painting skills, I want each to them to be a base coat, dry-brush here or there, then ink drench, or maybe some dipping. Point is, I narrowed it down to two themes. What do you think is better?


    1) Aliens
    Yep, H.R. Giger's...Ridley Scott's...whatever. Yes, yes its been done a billion times, but I feel none of them did it justice. Heres some fluff just in case you need an explanation.

    "A remote fleet of Tyranids was sent out by the Hive Mind, not a large group, only consisting of about one hundred Genestealers and twenty Hormagaunts. This fleet preceded to land on a uncharted planet, later to be catalogued as LV-426. The fleet vanished onto that planet for some time, though the population living there did not come upon any attack of any kind. Supposedly, the Tyranids encountered another xenomorph species there, and several Genestealers were attacked by the newborn form of these xenomorphs. *hint* *hint* ...ALIENS... *hint* *cough* Facehuggers...*cough* These Genestealers somehow managed to obtain the DNA of these new xenomorphs, and the original fleet that landed soon transformed into a army of unknown proportions...a new breed of Tyranid far, far deadlier than any before of its kind...(If you know any Tyranid fluff, you know Genestealers implant their eggs by their tongue into hosts, and Facehuggers attach themselves onto their host's face...so if you can imagine, a Facehugger attaches itself onto a Genestealer, but the Genestealer gives the Facehugger some tongue...and *WALLAH!* Instant....Alien....Tyranid....I'm not sure how, but this should explain http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/fanq/w/r/wrightfan/facehugger.jpg.html."

    I know, the fluffs a bit weak, but bear with me.

    http://www.timkline.net/alienids/index.html - What happened to the Aliens? In the movies, they were practically drowing in slime, and they were black as night! Here, they're dry as bone and a pretty light shade of grey.

    http://hem.spray.se/kendoka/arachnoids/ - Thats the stuff, but just not black-ish enough! I really prefer the black, green slime aliens, not the bronze-ish ones.

    So....on my journey to make my own ultra alien-tyranids, I came upon a problem. What colour scheme? I wanted them to be really, really, really, dark, dark, dark black just like the movie, but a mini primed black and gloss varnished? I don't think so. If you think this is a good idea and kn ow a good colour scheme, please tell me. In my hopelessness for a working colour scheme I came up with the next idea, that I think is quite unique and I am quite proud of...

    2) Cthulhu/Lovecraft
    I first came up with this idea as a last resort, but now I like it more and more...its ingenious and definetely unique. In case you don't know who or what Cthulhu is, or Lovecraft...go Google it. Basically speaking, Lovecraft, the author, wrote about unspeakable horrors...ancients...elders...things that would turn a man mad just by glancing upon its hideous, slimy, tentacled form...anyways, this Tyranid fleet would change Tyranids forever. I'm thinking, it could change, but for now...no chitin. Thats right you heard me, no bony armor. Just pure octopus/squid-like horror, tentacles, random mouths on the body....just so sickening and horrifying that a man would turn mad looking at it! And by turning mad, I mean he'd say "THAT'S AWESOME!". Anyways, paint schemes and any ideas are appreciated, thanks. Heres some fluff.

    "Sometimes the Hive Mind deploys spores, left-over material from an invasion that floats randomly in the endless reaches of space....occasionally, these spores will penetrate an atmosphere, and settle upon the now-doomed planet...taking root like the disease it is. Sometimes the effects are instant, and other times they can lie waiting and growing, like a hideous tumour. One of these spores settled in a uninhabited planet, so far uncharted. The spores here took root it the pitch-black, moist atmosphere and started blooming like some hellish flowers. It rapidly evolved, and spread like a mold. The world was without light, humid, and moist...the only life being tentacled enigmas unknown by any man. After a matter of years, the Imperium came to chart and survey the land...but by then it was too late. The original spores planted by the Hive Mind has grown, evolved into speechless horrors, slimy, tentacled masses that devoured flesh and souls...the Space Marines on the planet were overwhelmed, not by numbers though it could have been easily so....but by the Tyranids themselves. Nameless demons with gaping maws and sightless eyes. Just peering upon them would cause the men to run in fear or cower, the few men that managed to retreat were insane wrecks, no better than a "vegetable". The Imperium studied these men, searching for what could've caused their incurable madness. The plague had begun."

    Man, I can't wait. Picture Tyranids with tentacles, slime, no chitin, just 100% horrible demons.

    Again, fluff, names, paint schemes, convert ideas, anything would be greatly appreciated. Right now I'm leaning toward Cthulhu instead of the Aliens. Thanks for reading all that, have a good day

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    Good luck. Trying to customize every model in a swarm army will take forever. Maybe do a Godzilla/Warrior list to minimize the number of models you need to customize.
    I do not criticize. I do not offend. All I offer is my opinion which means only as much as you make it.

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