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    [2000] Harlequin Army List

    This is my first time ever useing Harlequins and I would appreciate any criticizm anyone can offer.


    Great Harlequin
    -Domino Field
    -Phase Field
    -Dread Mask
    -Shuriken Pistol
    -Harlequin's Kiss
    -Power Blades
    -Tanglefood Grenades
    -Haywire Grenades
    -Bio Explosive Ammunition
    = 167


    Death Jester x9
    -Brightlance x9
    -Phase Field x9


    Harlequin Troupe x4
    Harlequin x6
    -Troupe Leader
    -Tanglefoot Grenades x6
    -Haywire Grenades x6
    -Dread Mask

    Heavy Support

    Venom x4
    -Fusion Gun x4
    -Holo Field x4

    Total= 2017 (Close Enough)

    Any Criticizm is greatly appreciated.

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    I'm guessing you are using the GW list, you might not be...

    Swap the great harlie for a shadowseer as the shadowseer has powers to help you.

    You can't take 4 venoms, so drop 1 and then add 2 troupers to one of your troupes. Have the shadowseer leade this foot slogging troupe. That leaves you just short of 2000 points.

    Test that and see what happens...


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    your list is ok but if anyone knows what they're doing it will take you a lot of out manuvering to win. what you are lacking the most are: a solitare absolute must, jetbikes, and a shadowseer. these are the basics and essentials for any harlequin army, blieve me. also your troops are very delicate and also quite expensive. drop the grenades and the dread mask in your units and boost them up, i ussually take 3 troupes but i wont re-write your army completly (i will if you want me to though i dont mind lol). your only allowed 3 venoms, but i peronally prefer jetbikes as they have an armour save(surprise surprise) and they can boost to make there save invulnerable. big units of jetbikes is good in harlequin. You've clearly concentrated alot on anti tank weapons as well but death jesters can do that i ussually take 6 with bright lances in 2000, in 1000 however i take 3 missile launchers. also death jesters can slaughter in combat with their awesome powerblades, if you can afford it a d field is always gd, but you dont need any haywire grenades not worth it. always take a solitare with riveblades, d-field, phase field and the awesome shurikan pistol. sorry if you think ive gona over the top but this is the only listed harlequin army at the moment lol

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    I don't think a solotair is a must, neither are jetbikes, the bikes cost a heck of alot of points and the solotair is severly overrated, on average, he should be killing about 3 marines a turn - not that good. Shadowseer isn't a must either but I will try to always use one, the powers tend to come in handy, when it comes down to it, the only must unit is troups, but I'd like to see anyone in a propper game doing well without any deathjesters.

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