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    Pathfinders/Markerlights are they useful now?

    Seeing the new change in the codex with markerlights have they became some what useful seeing all those new rules and having a squad full of Markerlights wow.

    Seeing how Pathfinders will be the butt of every joke when ever I had them in my tourny list before the new codex I think times have change. I personally think that they have become tourement worthy, and are worth having in my tourement list.

    whats your opinion?

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    I believe with the new markerlight rules, the pathfinders are a definate fast attack placement in 1500 pt games and higher. In addition to the squad of marker lights, they now give the re-roll scatter dice ability for any deep striking units, add that to the new relay which brings in a squad on a 2+ second turn, they definately have a figure head roll in larger point battles.

    when equipping them I believe it's best to leave them almost as is. Do not use rail rifles, as they take away from the markerlight total. Get the team leader and give him a HW target lock & HW marker light drones to maximize the number of markerlights and markerlights that can fire seperate from the squad. As for the devilfish, vehichle upgrades are up to you, but the new ability for the SMS on the devilfish is almost a must.
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