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    Number of Pathfinders

    I don't have the new codex yet (in Canada that comes out in 4 days!), but I know the new rules for markerlights. My question is, how many pathfinders should I fit in a squad to maximise there efficiency(sp?) other than maxing the squad out (though if this is the best thing to do, I'll do it!).

    So, should I get smaller squads to maximise the number of targets I can paint, or, should I go for the big squad so I can anihilate a squad in one round of shootiung?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Its a good question! The problem with lots of small pathfinder squads is you have to pay for more Devilfish and I could see that eating up a lot of points fast.

    If you want to get lots of markerlights shooting at different units there are other ways to do it. Putting a drone controller and 2 marker drones in other units looks pretty effective to me. Also, the Skyray has 2 networked markerlights so once you've spent all its missiles you could use those to mark other things too.

    I haven't played yet with the new codex (no one to play with in my area) but I put together a list last night and I went with a full-sized squad of pathfinders. It'll be ages before I can test it though.

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