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    Concept Dark Eldar Army

    Here's my idea for a DE army please tell me its strengths/weaknesses

    Archon on a bike
    2 Haemonculus

    2 x 10 man squads if grotesques
    10 mandrakes

    2 x 16 man squads each w/ 2 splinter cannons, 2 blasters, sybarite w/ agoniser

    2 x 10 man squads each w/ 2 dark lances

    9 x Reavers w/ 2 blasters, succubi w/agoniser

    2 x Talos

    Estimated to be about 1800pts


    (btw i wasnt sure where to post this as it isnt an actual army list)

    2000pts Orks 4-2-1

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    hmm hmm.

    Nine reavers to a single unit....

    A bit of a waste, I'd say.... Split them into a unit of 4 and 5, give them both blasters.... maybe the unit of five a succubus with an Agoniser and tormentor helm... and use their speed to harrass critical units or to sway a combat with an extra agoniser in there.

    You're looking at playing an army with a firing line; with two snipe teams, and two footsloggers... both nicely equipped...
    I generally find that knocking 6 men off each of those normally footslogging Warriors, and adding a raider for each, gives unprecedented mobility, and a lot more survivability against small arms fire.

    Depending on which army you're playing, of course... Against a Tau Army; I would suggest giving a WWP to each of the squads, and deploying your Talos' out of that, along with your reavers...

    I'd cut back your grot's to one unit.... and maybe put some wyches in to fill out the combat hole.

    Finally; for a DE army, you aren't realy packing enough... if you know what I mean. Especially for 1500+ points.

    I'd drop a talos, and whack in a Ravager with dissies against a MEQ, or DL's against tau, tyrannids or necrons...

    It depends really on what type of army you're going for... 2 lots of grot's in this edition however, is looked apon a characterful addition, but a tactical oversight...

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    your HQ is solid, and so is your troops and HS, but your elite and fast attack are kind of iffy.

    Elites: First, grots are not good. I can see how you might try to screen the warriors with them, but it wont work, as far too many armies have too much leadership. Furthermore, you already have all the firemagnets you´ll need in your HS section, so there is really no need for the grots. And as for the mandrakes, I would take 2x6 of them rather than 1x10.. that many mandrakes in one place is too juicy a target if the enemy has a flamer..

    FA: Again, one big squad is too good a target, and you end up having too much meatshield for too few special weapons. get 2x6 instead, using some of the points you get from dropping the grots. Oh, and dont ever use either poison blades or agonisers on bikes, that is a waste of the bikes strength bonus.

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    to anyone who only vaguely knows DE units 20 grots and 2 taloi look fearsome and will draw fire
    9 Bikes + archon = can of whoopass, this unit will get a 2nd turn assault with most of it's models still alive. The choice becomes seperating the Archon so the squad can go tank hunting.

    Without a raider the grots might not see combat till turn 5 or 6
    Without a WWP same goes for the Talos
    Mobility looks like a huge problem for that army. You'll have a had time engaging static shooty armies and claiming objectives.

    Your list is closer to 1500, my suggested unit replacements take you to 1750 and change...
    I'd split the bikes into 2 squads, better chances for tank hunting.
    If you don't have Raiders or Ravagers then give each Sybarite a WWP and deploy the Taloi and 1 or both unit of grots from them.
    If you do have Raiders and Ravagers then swap a Hamonculous, Talos and a Grot unit for a squad of Raider Wytches (still in the WWP) and a Ravager w Nightshield and 3 dissintegrators.
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