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    Best way to use a Falcon & Farseer Unit!


    Got a Falcon which is transporting a Farseer and his 2 body guard Warlocks.
    Best use for them ?

    How exactly does transporting them to the enemy and assualting that squad work ?

    1] Move Falcon to unit.
    2] Deploy Farseer Unit.
    3] Shoot at target squad.
    4] Farseer unit assualts Squad.

    Can that be done in one round? Assuming we are close enough.
    Also could the falcon if it has movement left, move on?


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    Unfortunately it can't be done in the new rules. You can shoot after moving but can't assault. A farseer and two bodygaurds is hardly a unit I would use to assault something as it lacks hitting power. You're probably better off transporting a close combat aspect and use the farseer and his bodygaurds with a supporting role (ie: fortune, guide etc).

    If you want to assault from a vehical you will have to disembark the turn before and get them into assault range the next. Of course though, if the vehical didn't move during before you disembark the unit can get out move, shoot and assault (presuming you didn't fire rapid fire weapons). Can be handy to drive the falcon up 24" and leave the squad inside for a turn for protection.

    Oh yeh but the best way to use the two unit themselves together, well I would guess guide psychic power to improve shooting for the falcon.
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