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    Monolith questions

    Ok, so I've got to questions

    1) Do powerfists work against the monolith? I say no, because it says....

    "In practice, any weapon attacking the monolith will roll for armor penetration using its UNAUGMENTED strength and a single D6 not matter what."

    So since a powerfist augments the users strength....

    2) Does rending work against the monolith? (CCW, and shooting)

    I honestly have no idea about this one. So help would be appreciated. thanks

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    1) This has been hotly debated many times in the past. Each and every time it comes up, the result is that neither side of the argument gives in to the other. Unless someone comes up with some piece of text from GW providing an official ruling, there is no point in continuing to discuss the issue.

    For reference and review, here's a few previous threads on the issue: (Monolith, Melta Bombs, and Powerfists)

    2) The FAQ covers this. Basically: Rending doesn't work against it.
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