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    Nobs-power fist?-Mega armour

    Hi fellow warbosses. I'm looking at giving my nobs PF. Should I go ahead and give them Mega armour. I play Speed Freaks with 3 squads of Ard boyz and 3 squads of truck boyz all maxed out on burnas. So movement is not a big deal on the Mega armour. When I assault MA does'nt have to move like difficult terrain does it. Help

    3K Highest Elves
    2K RavenWing
    2K Saim-Hann Eldar
    3K Tau
    4K Pts Freaky Fast ORCS
    5K Hive Fleet Devourer
    2.5K Bretonnian Knights
    3K Tomb Kings

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    Dancing Peanuts? You bet! Robizzle's Avatar
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    Yes, when you assault you still move in difficult terrain.

    What I would do is go with a Nob with a power claw. That is both cheaper, and you dont run the risk of rolling a double 1 when assaulting someone. You also gain an extra attack from the slugga - it could mean the difference.

    Hope that helps.

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    LO Zealot Bruiser117's Avatar
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    I concur.

    Mega Armour may seem like a good deal for being only 5 points more expensive than a power klaw, it hinders you a lot more than you make think...

    -Even with a trukk, once that matchbox drops you're going to have to slog it, and moving in difficult terrain all of the time won't be fun.

    -You have small chance of nerfing up that VITAL 3-4" charge that you now can't pull off because your fat nob can't hop over the side of the truk.

    -You lose a precious ws4 s8 attack that ignores armour!

    -And lastly (this isn't necessarily a bad thing but...) the 2+ armour save is almost 100% useless as with mixed armour rules he is never going to be using it until the rest of the orks in that squad are dead, and if that rare case does come about, I can almost guarantee you that he is going to turn tail or get stomped by a power fist first thing next turn.

    For Gorks sake! Don't take the mega armour :w00t:
    "...a swarm of mechanised locusts sweeping over the land, stripping it bare of resources, bringing death and destruction to anything that stands in its path. Emperor preserve us against the predations of these so-called Orkish cults of speed!" - Cardinal Nomura at the Conclave of Hessen

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