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    In the latest WD, I was first angered by the conspicuous absence of Ork Clans. Who started that rumor.... anyway, after razing several city blocks in my rage i noticed an interesting article, 40k in a flash. They did a "quickie" rules set for each of their games, and I was wondering about what you think an Ork army for this should contain.

    If you haven't got the WD, here's a breakdown of the force restrictions:

    -No more than 500 points
    -You must have 1 troops choice
    -You may have one HQ choice but not more than one. You do not have to take an HQ choice.
    -You can spend no more than 50 points on wargear.
    -You may spend any remaining points on anything in your Codex's list from the standard troop organization cahrt.
    -No model can have more than 3 wounds
    -No special characters are allowed
    -No 2+ saves or better are allowed
    -No vehicles with a total points value greater than 200 are allowed.
    -WYSIWYG and Citadel miniatures. Hail the almighty pound.

    The model with the highest leadership value is your commander. In the case of a tie, choose one. Any unit or model within 8" of the ranking model can use the commander's leadership. If he is killed every unit in your army must make a leadership test or fall back. Units in hand to hand combat do not have to take this test.

    Anyway, my first thought was simplicity:

    40k in a Flash list

    30 Slugga Boyz 270
    3 Burnas 18
    Nob 11
    Bosspole 3
    Big Horns 6
    Power Claw 25

    10 Trukk Boyz 90
    Burna 6
    Nob 11
    Power Claw 25
    Trukk 30
    Stikkbomb Chukka 3

    Total: 498

    Now, if the three wound limit was not in force i would definitely play feral orks and use a squiggoth. No way in hell they could kill that thing with 500 points of troops.

    On my actual force: I think that the slugga boyz are a solid base for my army. Numerous enough to be resilient and hard-hitting. The trukk boyz are there for grabbing objectives and quickly tying down anything that would pose a grave threat to the slugga boyz. The one thing that coud be dangerous is the IG ass who takes a leman russ, but i think that the power claw and the burna should take care of it if i move around behind.

    Your thoughts?

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    We're currently putting together a 40K in a Flash campaign in which my Boyz will be participating. I'm still been playing with my unit list but right now it contains a set of Trukk boyz, a mob of Sluggas, a small mob of Flash Gitz (with more Dakkas), and a Kan. I'm a firm believer in quantity over quality when it comes to smaller games so my two Nobz don't have a lot of wargear. Once I have nailed down a list I'll post it.

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    Check out da Ork boards for time of the clan lists...looks like February UK WD. I do not know the US / Canada WD month.

    Your list looks like a good un.

    I'm doing a kan list myself but have not worked out the points yet.
    Burna boy mob, 3 killa kans, and a slugga boy mob looks like my list.

    WAAAGH! Da 40K in a flash lists
    "Da Orks is da best cuz we ar ded ard an killy, mean, green, krumpin machines, hav da most dakka, da stompiest dreads, da shootiest gunz, da biggest bosses, an we uze choppas...WAAAGH!"
    Warlord Hakbash

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