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Thread: Regeneration

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    I know a lot has been argued about Regeneration on Carnifexes, but I wanted to clarify, as I am building a Godzilla army (six carnifeses) and I don't have the codex in front of me (well, it's in another state).

    Does regeneration work even if the carnifex is killed? I.E. would a carnifex who was just hit and wounded by five lascannon shots able to roll for regeneration when it's the tyranid player's turn?

    Also, am I right in my remembering that regeneration gives you one dice to roll (to try and get a six) for each wound the carnifex has. I.E. you would roll four dice to try and regain wounds, assuming you had a five would carnifex.

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    Can't tell you the rules for it, but Regeneration doesn't help once the Carni falls. Only Old One Eye's Regeneration ability can bring the model back to life.
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