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    Medusa V army advice

    Ok, what i'd thought i'd do is make a seperate thread for army advice on medusa V. You should sign up and give your army in the other threads.

    Players who need help should come in with, 1

    1. an overview of their army.
    2. Problems your having.
    3. A few examples of wins/losses

    And myself and other players will take a look at it, i'm hoping veterans such as onlainari and rikimaru will also join in on this campaign.

    Quote Originally Posted by SystemiK
    Post post post... thats all i do around here... no respect....

    Ok... as i have in my Sig: 1 win 3 loses and 1 draw... i am the Tau'cena Intercept Legion consisting of heavy firing support suqads and lots of foot slugger to back them up... Basic battle tactic is start the game withing shooting range but out of seccond turn assult (fo enemies) My 2 Rail/Ion heads draw fire and lay out their own with heavy antui tank weaponry... the 3 teams of sniper drones (my last heavy choice) takes out hard to kill units like a carnifex or a Tyrant... the foot sluggers dish out incredible ground support as they tear through Gaunt ranks and Dark eldar armies... the ironic part is that my Tau'cena INTERCEPT legion is incredibly immobile and slow... the tanks are lightning but cant leave the cover of the troops... my commander i use as a screen or a heavy suppressive unit (ie laying down 6 missile shots or 6 burst cannon shots and 5 CIB shots) My 3 losses are a result of the following battles:

    Dark Eldar (loss 1): he runs foward covering 24 inches making his transports insane to kill... turn two he deploys 2 warp gates..,. (i loose at this point) 2 talos come out and his witch squads... warp beasts.. folowed by more warpbiests get in melee and roflpwn my men...

    Dark Eldar (loss 2) he used same tactic... he gaurds his warpgates with grotesq squads around hummoculi so i cant hit them with my str 5 weapons... i loose even after i downed 1 transport...

    Dark Eldar (win 1) I downed both transports turn 1 (3 ion shots per transport) and he couldent foot slug his me to me in time...

    Tyranid (loss 3) capture and hold (ish?) i had to capture the center marker for at least 1 consecuative turn... i stayed put on my starting zone and EAT his troops for breckfast... i lost 3 FW and my retinue for my Comander... but he held the center mark for 1 consecuative turn on turn 4-5 i couldent remove him by turn 5 so he won (non VP)

    Dark Eldar and Tyranid (draw 1) Uhm... modifyied capture the flag... we each had another opponents flag (i had DE, DE had Tyranid, and Tyranid had mine) so we had to assult and defend at the same time. Well by turn 5 none of us had eachothers flag so we played out turn 6 in an all out scramble for the flag... i was 3 inches away... but i lost... (draw)

    To add to my 1400-1500 ish army i would place 3 teams of stealth suits to make fire absorbing units that COULD pump 18 shots into squads per round (if ignored) as long as my FW arnt shot at i think i can win...
    Now first things first, I prefer mechanized over foot slogging and i'd suggest some devilfish, but that's just me.

    The eldar player is very simple to take out, just get some fireknife suits and pour missles into his poorly armored and open topped transports, with support from tanks. With a little luck even sniper teams can take them down His army is either going to win big or lose big, all you have to do is down his transports.

    Capture and hold against nids is tough, especially with a foot slogger army. Your only hope is to keep moving your firewarriors up close enough to take the center, after dealing with any troops rushing forward. If you can make it close enough, your firewarriors can easily cleanse the center with 30" range. Sniper drones aren't great against beefier nid units because they can't pierce their 2+ save (if the player has upgraded them).

    You're correct about the stealths, their guns are nightmares for both of those armies. Another thing you have to realize about the nids beefier units is that they don't have invulnerable saves, so if they take a wound from a plasma, fusion, or rail gun they can't save it. I'd say drop some points and take two railguns for their submunitions, because you already have multiple sniper drones so the railhead is less useful, because of its ap 3 capabilities. Pie plates are essential here, take the airbursting fragmentation projector for its pie plate and the fact that it pierces most eldar armor.

    Last edited by mephistophales; May 16th, 2006 at 06:48.

    Ask yourself why in the world would you trust a win loss record? Playing them yourself is the only way to tell.

    The true joy in the game is playing down to the last model, no matter the odds.

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    come on people... post your Madusa V armies! IG has hundreds, we have.... 1...
    Tau'cena Intercept Legion W2-L4-D2

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    alright ill be first to ask for help i know i need it. my army is going to be 1500 right now its arounf 1200 so i have 300 pts to use.

    Shas'O CIB Plasma C&C node HW-Multi_Tracker


    2 man Helios team with some extras

    2 man Helios team with some extras

    2 Man Deathrain Team Targeting Array


    12 FW Bonded

    12 Kroot


    Pirana targetting array fusion blaster

    Pirana targetting array fusion blaster

    Pirana targetting array fusion blaster


    Hammerhead Ion Cannon SMS Multi Tracker Decoy Launchers Targer Lock

    XV88 Team Leader Advanced Stabilization HW Drone Controler 2 Shield drones

    right now im really geared anti MeQ but have NO numbers on my side. i was thinking of making a helios team into somthing differnet but i have NO clue what to make them. i was thinking of removing the C&C node from my commander and maby adding a 2nd XV8 commander. i was also thinkning of dropping the XV88 for a railhead and a 2nd ionhead. seeing asi have the pirana as fast anti tank and the deathrain for anti light armor. but i honestly dont have any idea what do add or remove. i think i need more numbers to sustain a fire line longser but i honestly dont know, thanks guys ~X~
    It is my sacred duty to save your soul from the Dark Gods of Chaos... and I willsave your soul, even if you die in the process.

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